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shes been coding since age 7 and presented her life saving app to tim cook last year now 17 shes on track to solve even bigger problems

She’s Been Coding Since Age 7 and Presented Her Life-Saving App to Tim Cook Last Year. Now 17, She’s on Track to Solve Even Bigger Problems.

Seventeen-year-old Angelina Tsuboi has accomplished more before graduating high school than many will in a lifetime. The teen, who’s been coding since age 7 and knows about 18 programming languages…

what is a bitcoin rainbow chart

What is a Bitcoin Rainbow Chart?

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Since the price of Bitcoin tends to rise and fall dramatically, investors are always looking for a tool to streamline making…

the delicate dance every hr person must master

The Delicate Dance Every HR Person Must Master

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Employees hold people in human resources to unique standards but with a weight as heavy as those they hold for a CEO….

This Is What Nirvana Members Look Like Today

This Is What Nirvana Members Look Like Today

what makes scenthound a top new emerging franchise

What Makes Scenthound a Top New & Emerging Franchise

Scenthound CEO Tim Vogel talked to us about how his business evolved from a typical grooming saloninto a membership-based wellness studio for dogsβ€”and then into a quickly-expanding franchise, hittingNo. 127…

5 easy to follow steps to bring out the best in your employees

5 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Bring Out the Best in Your Employees

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have a strategic and proactive approach to developing their…

chromadex cdxc vs micromidas orgn whats the better chemical stock under 5

ChromaDex (CDXC) vs. Micromidas (ORGN): What’s the Better Chemical Stock Under $5?

The chemical industry is well-poised for robust growth in the long term, thanks to the strong demand for specialty chemicals and the integration of digital technologies to drive value chain…

3 best smart goal examples and how to achieve them

3 Best SMART Goal Examples and How To Achieve Them

Everyone has goals in life that they want to achieve either in their personal or professional lives. But once you have set a goal, how do you achieve it? Continue…

12 good reasons to explain why you left a job during an interview

12 Good Reasons to Explain Why You Left a Job During an Interview

The modern economy and job market almost demand that skilled workers move from job to job to earn as much money as possible and maximize their career potential. Yet it…

3 best resignation letter examples

3 Best Resignation Letter Examples

Whether you are resigning from your job because you found a more lucrative opportunity or you are leaving to pursue your passion, writing a professional and concise resignation letter can…