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15 Things You Didn t Know About Bella Poarch


She’s the adult version of vanellope von schweetz from wreck-it ralph has the most liked video on tick-tock and recently hit a spotify milestone. Today we are taking a look at 15 things you didn’t know about bella porch number one.

She had a traumatic childhood, this one’s, no secret alexers, because she speaks candidly about it. What we admire is her resilience to learn and grow from her past experiences. If you’re, not in the loop bella, was born in the philippines.

On the 8th of february 1997., she was raised by her granny initially, but was later adopted by her new filipino mother and american father. She says she never knew her real parents. There were four adopted children in total with bella, stating that her and her older adopted brother were heavily abused throughout their childhood number.

Two. She was heavily bullied at school. Having been raised on a farm with her adopted, family bella was up at 4am, doing farm chores and experienced both verbal and physical abuse from her stepfather.

After working on the farm, she alleges she was forbidden from showering and would often go to school, smelling like a farm yard. This led to bullying and difficulty fitting in as she divulged. In her nearly two hour interview on the h3 podcast, her nickname at home was stupid.

Number three. They immigrated to the u.s and joined the navy, bella porch immigrated to the usa when she was 13 as her adopted father needed bypass surgery when it comes to bella porch being in the navy.

Some have called her out for lying and having made it all up, but if you scroll into the history of her ig, you ‘ Ll, see photos of her in uniform. She was stationed in japan and was allegedly an ao or aviation ordnanceman.

She joined the navy in 2015 and served for four years and alexers a quick reminder to hit subscribe. So you don’t miss any of our daily videos. So let’s, get to the more uplifting stuff. What sent bella fortu’s career soaring? Let’s, find out number four millie b’s, so fast been send bella.

Porch joined tiktok in january 2020. She started actively posting gaming and cosplay content in april 2020., fast forward. A mere four months and porch has the most liked tick, tock, video of all time, a video of her lip syncing to sofas, spin, send or as tick talkers call it m to the b by mellie b, a twitter page and a youtube channel quickly followed suit.

Number five, so, where is that track from don & # 39? T feel bad for not knowing the origins of the millie b song will bring you up to speed it’s. A 2016 grime song intended as a diss towards sophie aspen millie b and sophie aspen, were two aspiring teenage grime rappers from the uk, who spent several months releasing diss tracks aimed at each other in 2018, channel 4 commissioned bbc studios to produce a three-part series called It’s, grime up north, which followed artists like little t, aka, josh, tate, sophie aspen and millie b between the three of them.

They would murk each other and they would gain fame with their sense of each other number, six porch in numbers. As of the 5th of july 2021, bella porch’s, figures on her accounts were as follows: twitter, with 557.

5 000 followers, instagram had 2.5 million followers, tick tock, with 75.2 million fans and 1.7 billion likes and facebook had 1.7 million followers number seven. She loves 3d art and animation, and could there be nfts if you’re a fan? You already know that bella porch has explored the world of 3d art and animation.

Some of her creations include 3d fictional versions of herself within a meta universe. She had an nft for sale on mintable called soul in hell, but bidding for the nft has since expired. Number eight build a reaches 100 million streams on spotify, bella porch’s.

Debut single is build a it’s been streamed. 132 million times on spotify by the time this video was released and had 217 million views on youtube, porch signed with warner records. Of course, there was a build, a tick tock challenge shortly thereafter, so go and check it out for yourself number nine fortnite, bella, porch, emote love, bella, porch and fortnite.

Well, it’s your lucky day, because epic games have teamed up with porch to create a build up. Emote, you can purchase the emote for 500 v-bucks, but it’s still unclear whether she’ll, be getting a player’s skin, like so many other online creators have received number ten.

Are her childlike accentuations, a problem? She’s, received a lot of flack and being called out for accentuating her childlike features with over-sexualized themes in released an article titled.

Is it a problem that grown women are infantilizing themselves for tick-tock views? Where author eve, upton clark drew attention to bella porch, she writes many online have accused these creators of infantilization defined as the portrayal of grown women acting and looking childish through attire, demeanor possessions and or posture.

We’ll find out some more about this. Later number 11 controversy’s surrounding porch. She is no stranger to them and the first is certainly the tattoo of the rising sun. She’s, apologized profusely for offending koreans, who see the symbol as japanese, militarism and colonial rule business insider.

Also shared her comment when she called her friend, harambe harambe was a gorilla that was killed after a three-year-old boy fell into his enclosure in a zoo in cincinnati porch hit back at critics. Saying i’m sorry, you believed rumors about me and my best friend albert he’s samoan and not black, and that’s, his military nickname, because he’s, big and always very protective.

That was his name before i even met him number 12. Will the real bella porch please stand up following the real-life story of porch is tricky. There are many different versions, dates and timelines, and just non-disclosure from bella herself many speculate.

Whether bella porch is even her real name, because the name that appears on her facebook url is taylor nuri. This was first noticed by youtuber deafnoodles. Even her age is not 100 clear because it’s often contradicted, but it seems that 1997 is legit, because a 2001 birth, like many suggest, would have made it impossible for her to have joined the navy number 13.

She took a stand against anti-asian racism speaking to vogue porch along with sawedy sean wasabi and, lastly, have all spoken out about anti-asian racism. Porch confirmed she’s, been on the receiving end of anti-asian hate and believes the most effective action to support.

Other victims is to consistently and gently check in on them. Ask their family members or friends if they notice behavior changes, keep encouraging them to speak to a therapist number 14. Where does porch draw inspiration from if it wasn’t obvious already bella porch draws her inspiration from anime and video games.

She has two different bellas that she represents the colorful rosy cheeked kawaii bella and the black everything baddie bella. She loves the vocaloid software voice bank of hatsune miku. She said that she was the inspiration for her to go to japan and get into all types of anime, and did you know that porch is actually banned from commenting on tick tock we’ll.

Tell you why shortly number 15 she has merch. In november 2020, bella porch launched her first run of merch as she tweeted surprise. I spent the last month designing my first hoodie 300 made and helping raqqa out with his first ever collab with rip and dip.

Hope. You like it and speaking of merch, hey luxers, don’t forget to check out ours at and with that here we are at the end. What are your thoughts on grown women infantilizing themselves for tick-tock views? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments, so please share and enrich the community now, since you stuck with us until the end.

Of course, we’re holding on to a bonus, a luxor’s. Bella porch was banned from commenting on tiktok for the craziest reason, a llama she was banned twice. For the same reason, the first ban was 24 hours.

The second was 48 hours. Fortunately, it was just temporary, but who would have thought that a llama would cause such a tick-tock ban? Truly it wasn’t such a drama llama, and we hope she doesn’t, stop bringing her own fluffy llama into her videos for his cameo appearances thanks for watching elixers.

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