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20 Business Ideas for Production in a Garage

Idea 1: Mini construction kits using silicone molds and cement


One of the top business ideas for production in a garage is creating mini construction kits using silicone molds and cement. These kits are not only popular among kids, but also among adults who love building. With just a small investment, you can start this business and turn your garage into a workshop for creating these fun and educational kits.


To start this business, you will need silicone molds, cement, and some assembly kits. The cost of the raw materials is very low, with around two dollars needed to make a thousand bricks using 22 pounds of cement. However, the sale price of these kits can start from thirty dollars. You can create different types of kits, such as houses, garages, or even stoves, and sell them at toy stores or online.

Why it’s a great idea

Mini construction kits are in demand because they encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. Kids and adults alike enjoy the satisfaction of building something with their own hands. Moreover, the low production costs and high selling prices make this business highly profitable. With some creativity and a small investment, you can start a successful business in your garage.

Idea 2: Custom Aquariums Manufacturing

If you have a passion for aquatic life and enjoy creating unique designs, custom aquarium manufacturing can be a profitable business venture for you. Custom aquariums are in high demand as they make stunning decor pieces for homes, cafes, offices, and even stores. With a small initial investment, you can set up your own production in your garage.

To start this business, you will need a dedicated space of at least 3000 square feet and an initial investment of around $1500. This budget will cover the purchase of necessary equipment such as tables, steel frames, mounting guns, sanding machines, and masks.

The process of manufacturing custom aquariums is relatively straightforward. You will be producing aquariums of individual sizes and shapes according to customer preferences. You can source materials like glass and acrylic from suppliers and use them to create beautiful, functional, and durable aquariums.

By offering customization options and providing high-quality products, you can attract customers and establish a reputation in the market. With effective marketing strategies, such as creating your own website and partnering with local stores, you can quickly start generating profits from your garage-based custom aquarium manufacturing business.

20 Business Ideas for Production in a Garage Idea 3: Garden figures production

## Idea 3: Garden figures production

If you have a passion for gardening and enjoy creating unique decorative items, then producing garden figures in your garage could be a perfect business idea for you. This venture requires minimal costs and can be a great way to showcase your creativity while tapping into the ever-growing market of garden decorations.

To get started, you will need to purchase a mold for the garden figures, along with a mortar and a shake table. The internet offers a wide variety of different shapes and sizes for these figures, allowing you to choose the ones that appeal to you and your potential customers. While the shake table may be the most significant investment, costing around $700, it is a worthwhile expense for your mini-production in the garage.

Ready-made garden figures can be sold through garden stores, and you can also create your own website to sell the figures online. With an initial investment of around $1,000, you can set up your production and start making profits. In the first year alone, this business has the potential to yield enough profit to cover your startup costs and become a lucrative venture.

Idea 4: Machine for producing metal sponges


A machine for producing metal sponges is an inexpensive yet always in-demand product that can be sold in stores of any format. These metal sponges are commonly used in household departments and can be a profitable business venture. The machine is designed to automatically produce metal sponges by filling it with stainless steel wire. Once filled, the machine independently operates, producing a large amount of metal sponges in a day.

Starting the Business

To start this business in your garage, you would need to purchase the machine, which can be obtained from China for around $1,000. Additionally, you will need to invest in stainless steel wire and packaging materials. The total startup cost for this business is estimated to be around $3,500.

Potential Profit

The profit potential for this business depends on your productivity. On average, you can expect to produce up to 100 kilograms of metal sponges per day. The selling price of metal sponges can vary depending on the market, but with a profitable business model, you can expect to generate a substantial income.

20 Business Ideas for Production in a Garage Idea 4: Machine for producing metal sponges

## Idea 5: Bench with built-in cachet for plants

Transform your garage into a production hub for unique and innovative furniture pieces, starting with the idea of a bench with a built-in cachet for plants. This functional and stylish piece of furniture can be a great addition to any space, whether it’s a garden, balcony, or even indoors.

To produce this bench, you will need some basic tools like a jigsaw, screwdriver, and planer. The main material for the bench is wood, and you can also use wooden strips for the planter. Additionally, you can opt for more durable materials like polyester or fiberglass for the planter, making it suitable for planting different types of plants.

Starting this business in your garage requires an initial investment of around $2,000. With this money, you can purchase the necessary tools and materials. The selling price for a bench with a cachet for plants can range from $500 to $1,000, depending on the size, design, and materials used.

To make your business more successful, you can promote your creations through your own website and also collaborate with local garden stores. With the increasing popularity of urban gardening and the desire for unique furniture pieces, this business idea has great potential for success. Get creative and start producing benches that combine functionality and nature!

20 Business Ideas for Production in a Garage Idea 5: Bench with built-in cachet for plants

## Idea 6: Bedside table with a house for pets

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll love this next business idea – creating bedside tables with a house for pets! This innovative product allows you to keep your furry friend close by while also providing them with their own cozy space.

To start this business, you’ll need basic tools like a hacksaw, jigsaw, and screwdriver, which can be purchased for around $500. With these tools, you can easily create the first cabinets by yourself. The material for the table can be wood, while the planter for the house can be made of polyester or fiberglass for durability.

The total cost to start this business is approximately $2,000, and with good productivity, you can expect to earn around $5,000 per month. There’s a growing market for pet furniture, and owners are willing to invest in unique and functional products for their beloved pets.

You can sell these bedside tables with a pet house through online platforms or local pet stores. Additionally, consider creating your own website to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

With low investments and a bit of creativity, you can turn your garage into a profitable production business. So, why not tap into the pet industry and provide pet owners with this practical and stylish solution?

Idea 7: Machine for making nails

One of the essential fastening materials used in various industries is nails. Due to its high demand and widespread use, setting up a nail production business can be a profitable venture. You can easily start this business in your garage with a small investment.

Setting up the Business

To begin with, you will need a machine for nail production. These machines are readily available and can be ordered from China at an affordable price, starting at around $1000. Additionally, you can also explore the option of purchasing a used machine and refurbishing it to reduce costs.

Production and Sales

A nail-making machine is compact and can fit comfortably in a garage, making it an ideal choice for a small-scale operation. These machines can produce up to 450 iron nails per minute, allowing for large-scale production.

You can sell your finished nail products to construction companies, hardware stores, and other businesses that require nails. With a competitive pricing strategy and efficient production capacity, you can establish a steady customer base in no time.

Investment and Profitability

The total cost of starting this nail production business is approximately $4000, including the machine and raw materials. Profitability in this business depends on your productivity and the number of sales. On average, this business has the potential to earn around $5000 per month. With a well-executed marketing strategy and high-quality nail products, you can quickly recover your initial investment and start generating profits.

Starting a nail production business in your garage can be a lucrative opportunity, given the constant demand for nails. With the right equipment and a focus on quality, you can establish yourself in the market and find success in this industry.

20 Business Ideas for Production in a Garage Idea 8: Mini workshop for metal products

## Idea 8: Mini workshop for metal products

Transform your garage into a mini workshop for metal products!

Are you passionate about metalworking? Turn your garage into a profitable production space with this business idea. With an investment of around $15,000, you can set up a mini workshop and start creating custom metal products that are in high demand. From spiral staircases and metal benches to chandeliers and fireplaces, the possibilities are endless.

To get started, you’ll need to invest in various tools including sledgehammers, anvils, a forge, clamps, vise, and more. Don’t worry, this investment will pay off in no time as many people prefer to order metal products of their own design.

A garage or a barn with a minimum of around 220 square feet is sufficient to accommodate your mini workshop. Once established, you can expect to receive a large number of orders, and with the right marketing, you’ll be able to pay off the business in about a year and a half to two years.

So, if you’re skilled in metalworking and looking for a profitable business in your garage, consider setting up a mini workshop for metal products. Your creativity and craftsmanship could lead to a successful and fulfilling venture!

Idea 9: Production of washcloths

The production of washcloths is a lucrative business idea that requires minimal investment and guarantees a constant demand. A washcloth is an essential household item that people frequently replace, making it a profitable market to tap into. With the right equipment and materials, you can easily start producing washcloths in your garage and create a steady stream of income.

Getting Started

To begin with, you will need a washcloth production machine, which can be purchased for just over $1,000. This machine operates by loading plastic material and producing finished washcloths at the output. Additionally, you will need to invest in materials, such as plastic fabric, that meet quality standards.

Expanding Your Market

Once your production is up and running, you can sell the washcloths to a variety of establishments, including hardware stores, supermarkets, and household goods retailers. You can also consider selling them online through your own website or popular e-commerce platforms. By catering to different wholesalers and retailers, you can maximize your market reach and increase profitability.

Key Considerations

In order to make your washcloth production business a success, it’s important to prioritize quality and hygiene. Ensure that the materials used are safe and comfortable for consumers. You should also consider offering a range of sizes, colors, and designs to cater to different customer preferences.

20 Business Ideas for Production in a Garage Idea 9: Production of washcloths

## Idea 20: Find your business and do what you like!

Explore Your Passion and Interests

The last idea on our list is perhaps the most important one—finding a business idea that aligns with your passions and interests. Starting a business in your garage allows you to turn your hobbies and skills into a profitable venture. Whether it’s woodworking, crafting, or designing, the possibilities are endless.

Follow Your Heart and Create a Business

When you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. Use your creativity and skills to identify an area that excites you. This could be anything from creating custom furniture to manufacturing unique home decor items. The key is to find a niche that you are passionate about and build a business around it.

Find Success and Enjoyment in Your Garage

Running a business in your garage can be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. As you turn your passion into a business, you have the freedom to work on your terms and create products that you truly enjoy making. Embrace this opportunity to unleash your creativity and build a thriving business from the comfort of your own garage.

Remember, starting a business in your garage may require some investment and research, but with determination and hard work, you can turn your dreams into reality. So go ahead, find your passion, and start doing what you love in your garage today!

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