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4 amazing strategies to promote your EDM party in 2022

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So you want to throw an incredible EDM party that people will be talking about for ages. Apart from planning and organizing it with precision, you will also have to promote it effectively. After all, a party is only successful if people actually show up to it. 

Promoting your EDM party has to be a careful and meticulous task. You’ll need to try out new and creative techniques to stand out from the rest of the party organizing crowd. And you’’ have to start your promotions early so people can make their plans accordingly.

If this is your first party or if you have no idea how to promote a party in general, don’t worry. This blog post has all the information you need to promote the EDM party of the century. Not only will these strategies bring more people to your party, but it will also establish you as someone who always throws amazing parties. 

So let’s get into it!

1. Build hype on social media

Social media is the place to be when it comes to promoting your EDM party. Most of the party crowd is saturated on Instagram i.e. it’s filled with people in their twenties looking to have a good time on a night out. So market your party aggressively on Instagram.

However, you have to be smart about it. Use hashtags to reach people most likely to be interested in a party. Particularly, use location-based hashtags. For example, if you’re throwing a party in Atlanta, use an Atlanta hashtag so that people in the area are more likely to find you. 

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Moreover, post tons of digital posters. A good digital poster will advertise your party in a cool and subtle way and will relay all the important information that people need to know. You can create incredible digital posters easily with online tools like PosterMyWall, which has tons of party flyer templates that you can use to promote your event. 

Finally, engage with your audience to build hype. When you post your digital poster, ask people questions in the caption. Are they excited? What drinks would they like at the bar? What is their favorite EDM song to dance to?

You should also reply to DMs and comments you get about the party. Be helpful and prompt with your replies so that people don’t lose interest.

2. Promote the DJ or live artists

A good way to show people that your EDM party is going to be the place to be on Saturday night is telling people about the attractions. Since good parties are all about good music, let people know who’s going to be handling it. Whether you’re hiring an up and coming DJ, or getting a popular musician to perform a set, tell people all about it well before the party starts. 

You can do this by putting up flyers in bars and pubs i.e. places where your target audience will most likely be hanging out. People here will also have most probably heard of the DJ or musician you hire because it’s likely that they have performed in small establishments before. 

You can create a great DJ flyer with PosterMyWall. Add the name and picture of the performer, and also add a link to their music and social media channels so that people who are unfamiliar with them can check them out before the party. You should also announce your performer on social media a few weeks before the party starts. 

3. Make it exclusive

People love feeling like they’re a part of an exclusive club. So if you say that your party is exclusive, more people will want to get in on it. Now, being exclusive doesn’t mean that you become inaccessible. You do need people to come to your party, even if you’re not being upfront about it. 

A good way to go about this is to add “DM for passes” on your poster. This way you’ll also get a better idea of how many people are coming and you’ll be able to get more engagement on social media which will be good for your page. 

When people message you for passes, you can email them an exclusive pass and ask them to show it at the entrance of the party. An added benefit of doing this is that you’ll be able to collect email addresses so that next time before your big party, you can show up directly in people’s inboxes.

4. Go to music festivals and clubs to promote

Clubs and music festivals are where your target audience will mostly be saturated. So reach them on their home ground and advertise to them there. To streamline this strategy, make a list of all the music festivals taking place in your city over the coming weeks. Then, make a list of all the most popular clubs in town. Finally, create a schedule for you or your other party organizers to show up at these places and promote the party. 

Since people at clubs and festivals won’t be particularly keen on being marketed to while they’re partying, you’re going to have to be creative to grab their attention. So use some props. Get some glow in the dark neon rings and attach a small flyer to each. Then, hand them out at each party. People will most likely take them home with them and that way, they’ll remember the party. 

Of course, getting tons of neon rings can be expensive. So you don’t have to do this every time. A few neon rings and lots of flyers can also do the trick. Alternatively, you can try going up on stage (early into the night before people are too drunk to remember) and announcing that you have a party coming up.

Final thoughts

Organizing a  great EDM party is hard work so obviously, you’ll want as many people as possible to come so that you can make it a success. This mix of online and offline strategies will help you get the word out there and get people through your doors on the day of the party. Just remember to start your planning well in advance, and to be creative and bold with your marketing strategies. 

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