Traveling to different places you haven’t visited before can be a spectacular experience. This adventure can let you taste diverse cuisine, observe stunning tourist spots, and get to know people. Also, wouldn’t it be more exciting to venture into it all if you had your furry buddy with you?

Taking your dog as a companion for traveling can be a delight for many. A pet’s appearance can draw smiles before countless faces. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity for you to spend more quality time with your furry best friend in earnest.

But before traveling, remember these tips to keep you and your dog safe and comfortable:

1. Book For A Pet-Friendly Room In Advance

Traveling to places you haven’t visited before is exciting but can be confusing. You may not know the hotels that offer the most suitable room for you and your dog in those places. And not every hotel gives accommodation to pets. Such accommodations may not know how to attend to furry dog guests properly. Also, renting a hotel room via walk-in may not be a good idea because you won’t be sure if they have vacancies.  

If you want to stay in places you plan to travel for days, reserving a room in advance can save much hassle. You can check out websites featuring pet-friendly hotels and cottages near your travel destination and learn more about their perks. For example, if you plan to visit the world heritage sites of the United Kingdom, you can browse ideal offers at Dog Friendly Retreats.

2. Schedule A Consultation With A Veterinarian

A veterinarian is a medical doctor for animals. They can determine if your furry buddy is suitable for traveling or not by checking their medical condition. It is necessary to know your dog’s health status before traveling, given that your pet will be exposed to many people and a different environment. Your dog may get sick instead of enjoying the adventure in earnest.

If your dog is not suitable to travel with you, you may postpone your travel plans and do what your veterinarian tells you to restore its health. 

Also, ask your veterinarian if your dog’s breed is suitable for traveling. There may be instances where a pet is healthy but cannot accompany its owners because their physical traits can barely stand harsh situations.

For example, many airlines ban Bulldogs, Shih Tzu, and Chow Chow not for their overwhelming cuteness but because they are brachycephalic dog breeds with tiny noses. Taking a flight at high altitudes and sudden temperature changes can cause them to suffocate.

3. Take Enough Rest

Travels feature grand adventures but are prone to accidents. Traveling can be exhausting, and you may never know what will happen down the road. Given that you have your furry buddy with you that acts like a naughty baby sometimes, you need to stay focused on your belongings and the safety of you and your pet.

Get enough sleep before starting the most awaited day, especially if you like to drive your way through your preferred destination. Taking enough rest can help clear your mind. In addition, sleeping recovers energy after a stressful day. It can also lessen the chances of getting annoyed with your pet once they misbehave.  

4. Buy A Dog Leash

Letting your furry buddy go out in your household is a fine idea, given that you are giving it freedom and it is familiar with its hometown. But since you and your pet are traveling to a new place, it might lose its way back after wandering around.

If ever that happens, you would tend to look after your pet in the last place where you saw it. Since the area you are in is unfamiliar, there’s a possibility that you will lose your way back as well. Losing your way in a place you barely know can put you and your pet’s life in danger. Their environment may not be as safe as your home, and many dangerous entities may take advantage of your helpless situation.

man traveling with his dog

man traveling with his dog

Secure the safety of your adorable yet naughty friend by buying a dog leash or harness. It is like a rope or a chain that you can put to your dog’s neck without choking them. A leash can help you keep watching your adorable little champ that often wags its tail to almost everything closely.


Traveling is a fun experience that you can best venture if you have your adorable little champ as a companion. To make your travel together safe and comfortable, consider remembering the tips featured in this article. Good luck and enjoy!

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