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6 Best Things to do In St George Utah

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If you have had enough of your mundane routine and you want to feel alive and refreshed again, we suggest you grab your bag and take up to the most unforgettable vacation getaway, and that is St. George, Utah, with your family, or if you like even solo. The city is in southwestern Utah.

From St. George Temple to the Red Hill Desert Garden, the city has much to offer to adventurers and visitors alike.

St. George has always been the starting point for many travelers eager to explore Utah’s deserts and canyons. But there is much more that this cozy little town has to offer.

For this reason, we have made a list of things you can do in St. George, Utah. So, without any delay, let us straight go to the topic.

1. Explore Red Hills Desert Garden

The red hills desert garden features a 5-acre oasis with more than 5,000 eye-catching and dazzling plants you may have never seen before. This garden is one of the most romantic spots in St. George and makes for a highly attractive tourist spot for couples. 

It has a stunning backdrop of red rocks, hence the name, and bright colored plants and flowers fill the land. But that’s not all since the park also includes prehistoric dinosaur tracks and a 1,150-foot-long stream that can refresh anyone. 

If you’re vacationing in St. George and want the stunning Red Hills as your view from the window, we suggest you look for resorts in St George Utah that can fulfill this desire, and you enjoy your stay in the city.

It is not only essential but recommended to get a place near local popular tourist attractions so you can visit them whenever you want. 

2. Visit St. George Temple

Very few attractions within this town can rival the grandeur beauty of the St. George temple. This gorgeous landmark was designed by the renowned architect Truman O. Angell. Its amazing architecture will leave you in awe.

The temple is one of the most significant attractions in town, attracting hundreds and hundreds of tourists globally. It is one of the most important places for the people of the Mormon faith.

The construction started in the year 1872 and ended five years later in 1877. It is imperative to mention that the only people permitted inside the temple are Mormons; however, a special on-site visitor center is open for all. If you are visiting St George, Utah, then it is a must to visit this place.

3. Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum

If you are into history, then we suggest that you visit the Daughters of Utah PioneersMuseum to learn more about the town’s rich history.

The museum tells the story of the pioneers who started settling down in this little town now known as St. George about 170 years ago. Hence, the museum has several intricate displays and interactive exhibits.

What could be better than learning the history of a place you are visiting and connecting to it more deeply?

4. St. George City Art Museum

The St. George city art museum showcases art pieces from local artists belonging to diverse cultures. The displays and showpieces here will help you better understand the culture and people of the town and will give you a new sense of appreciation for the Utah landscapes.

The art museum features everything, including paintings, sculptures, and even pottery. We suggest you visit the art museum to learn and enjoy the local culture. It is never too late to learn about new cultures.

5. Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you want to do something thrilling and get a scenic view of St. George, Utah, without having to hike for miles, we suggest taking a hot air balloon ride.

The balloon ride will give you an aerial view of the landscapes below, which will help you appreciate the landscape and the notable landmarks below.

6. Snow Canyon State Park

There are several natural wonders and dramatic landscapes near St. George, which can be hard to overlook, and one of them is the snow canyon state park.

The park has some of the most spectacular red rock formations. Snow Canyon is only a 15-minute drive away from the town and is perfect for a day of cycling, hiking, or taking insta-worthy photos. 


If you are thinking of escaping your boring routine or planning a family trip, visiting St. George, Utah, is recommended. The town has one of the best tourist attractions in the US, making your trip memorable.

For your ease, we have compiled a list of things you can do in the city. What are you waiting for? Grab your stuff and visit the great town now.

Aside from the places mentioned above, you can also visit many other attractions in the city, such as Painted Pony Restaurant, Dinosaur Discovery Site, Pioneer Park, Town Square Park, Temple Quarry Trail, etc.

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