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6 Festive Hairstyles You Can Try This Season

6 Festive Hairstyles You Can Try This Season

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There’s no better way to get ready for a party than with a festive hairstyle. The forthcoming Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays make this the perfect time to experiment with new hairstyles you might not otherwise try for everyday looks. 

Read on for our top ideas to try a new style that will round out any party look, whether it’s laid-back, formal, or something in between.

1. Updo

It’s no secret that the updo is a timeless and versatile hairstyle. It’s also highly adaptable, so you can experiment with different variations of updos to pick the one that looks best on you. 

You have countless options to try this season, from a low, pulled-back updo with twists and curls to a looser style with face-framing pieces. The best part? Updos will keep your hair out of your way — perfect when you’re wearing a dress with sequins or any other outfit that could snag your strands. Plus, there’s a style to suit any face shape. 

Got thin hair? Consider adding more volume and thickness to your updo with hair extensions. Human hair extensions are your best option, as they look entirely natural and blend beautifully with your hair, so they’ll be undetectable when you’re wearing it pulled back. 

2. Braids

Braids have always been a popular hairstyle for holiday and Christmas parties, and for good reason. Braided styles make your hair more manageable and tame flyaways while channeling a romantic vibe that suits the season perfectly.

From a French braid to Fishtail braids and everything in between, you can try different variations of braided hairstyles to find the one that best suits you. 

And if you already have a braided hairstyle, you may want to try a twisted braid! Simply pull the braids on the top of your head and twist them into a bun. Use a few hairpins to secure the bun, and you’re good to go!

Or, maybe you want to add braids to other hairstyles, so your hair looks a bit more dressed up this festive season. For instance, you can try braiding parts of your hair into a low ponytail while leaving some hair pieces around your face for a soft effect. Next, enfold a section of the ponytail around the elastic band to conceal it.

3. Vintage Waves

Vintage waves are among the most iconic holiday hairstyles. The look is sleek and elegant, and complements any holiday attire, whether it’s a cozy sweater or formal dress.  

If you’re looking to add a little extra sparkle to your style, consider adding a minimalist jeweled headband to your vintage waves. You can also pin one side of the waves down while allowing the other side to flow with fuller waves. 

4. Mermaid Locks

Mermaid hair is yet another perfect style for the festival season. Typically featuring accent pieces in a different color, this look is versatile and fun. Experiment with different highlights to achieve a gorgeous sunkissed vibe, or try coloring some strands with pastel shades for a pop of color.

If your hair lacks length or volume, you may want to use Remy hair extensions to pull off flowing mermaid locks. Just be sure to buy hair wefts from trusted brands like Zala hair extensions to get that perfect look. 

5. Low Pony, Loose Waves

Looking for a fancy style that doesn’t require much effort to achieve? Try a low pony with loose waves! Create a middle part and use a curling iron to add some loose waves to your locks. Leave some strands free at the front for a flattering face frame. Pull your locks into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Add a scarf scrunchie to the ponytail, and you’re all set to head out to your holiday event.

6. Half-Up, Half-Down Space Buns

While space buns have been around for quite some time now, you may want to try an updated, chic version of this style – the half-up, half-down version. This variation of space buns can be a fun and unexpected twist on traditional half-up, half-down styles. Rock the look for a New Year’s Eve party or your friend’s holiday bash.

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