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‘A Bad Version of Android’: iPhone Users Confused Over New Change to Call Screen in iOS 17

Apple is known for making major modifications to its devices as new models roll out, whether it’s changing compatible charging ports, getting rid of the beloved Home button a few models back, or creating a new headphones jack.

Now, Apple is making an interface change that’s going to make ending phone calls look a little different for iPhone users.

As the beta rollout version of iOS 17 has revealed, the company will be moving its infamous red “end call” button from the bottom middle of the screen, where it’s resided since the iPhone was rolled out in 2007, to the bottom right of the screen. The new FaceTime button will now be in the middle, where the end call button used to be. Confused yet?

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This could be problematic for longtime iPhone users, as phone use and muscle memory are tied together. Many were quick to make that point on social media.

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It also could be an issue for left-handed users, as different size models of the iPhone can make it difficult to reach their thumbs over to that side to end the call.

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Apple did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment.

Apple announced its new iOS 17 software at its Worldwide Developer Conference in May. Other notable changes include FaceTime video voicemails and the ability to transcribe a call in real time.

Apple was up just over 5% year over year as of Wednesday afternoon.

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