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A Glimpse into the Daily Routine of a Cleaning Business Owner

Morning Routine

Meditation and Audiobooks

In the mornings, Chris begins his day by focusing on his mental and physical well-being. He starts with a 5-minute meditation using the Calm app, which helps him clear his mind and set a positive tone for the day. While working out, Chris listens to audiobooks, such as “Boy Back Your Time” by Dan Martell, to gain valuable knowledge and make the most of his time at the gym.

Deep Work Time

From 6-8am, Chris dedicates this time to deep work, where he focuses on important tasks without distractions. This block of time allows him to tackle essential projects and be highly productive before the day gets busier.

Drop off Daughter at High School

As a family-oriented entrepreneur, Chris prioritizes dropping off his daughter at high school in the morning. This routine not only allows him to spend quality time with his family but also reinforces the importance of work-life balance.

By incorporating meditation, audiobooks, deep work time, and family commitments into his morning routine, Chris sets himself up for a productive and balanced day as a cleaning business owner.

Communication and Scheduling

Use of Slack Platform

As a cleaning business owner, effective communication with your team is crucial. Chris Mondragon utilizes the Slack platform to streamline communication and ensure everyone is on the same page. Slack allows him to create different channels for various scenarios, such as cancellations or job completion, making it easier for the team to stay organized and informed.

Avoiding Last Minute Cancellations

To avoid any last-minute cancellations or unexpected surprises, Chris ensures that he checks for any late-minute cancellations or online bookings before starting his day. By staying proactive and being aware of any changes in the schedule, he can make necessary adjustments and prevent any disruptions to the workflow.

Meeting with Students about Pricing

Chris runs a coaching program where he teaches others how to start and run a cleaning business. One aspect of his coaching involves helping students with pricing strategies. In this video, he has a meeting with one of his students, Santiago, to address pricing-related issues. By sharing his expertise and insights, Chris helps his students navigate pricing challenges and develop profitable strategies for their cleaning businesses.

Handling Online Bookings

In addition to managing cancellations, Chris emphasizes the importance of handling online bookings efficiently. By staying on top of these bookings and ensuring all necessary information is collected, he can effectively plan his schedule and allocate resources according to demand.

Effective communication and careful scheduling are vital in the daily routine of a cleaning business owner. Chris demonstrates the importance of utilizing communication tools like Slack, proactively managing bookings and cancellations, and providing guidance to students on pricing strategies. These practices contribute to the smooth operation of his cleaning business and overall success in the industry.

A Glimpse into the Daily Routine of a Cleaning Business Owner Communication and Scheduling

## Starting the Day

Arriving at First Location

After dropping off your daughter at high school, you make your way to the first location in Seattle. Unfortunately, you got caught in a little traffic, but you remain positive and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Checking for Damages and Taking Pictures

As you arrive at the first location, a small unit with one bedroom and one bathroom, you prioritize conducting a thorough inspection for any damages. Taking pictures before starting the cleaning process is crucial to protect your business and ensure accountability.

Emphasizing Thorough Cleaning in Kitchen and Bathroom

You understand the importance of providing a comprehensive cleaning service, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. By paying extra attention to these spaces, you can avoid negative reviews and the need for additional, free cleaning sessions. You diligently check the refrigerator for leftover food and dispose of it unless it is properly sealed.

The Demand for Airbnb Cleaning in Seattle

You mention how essential it is to find customers through Facebook groups for Airbnb hosts. Seattle experiences high demand for Airbnb cleaning, particularly during the summer season. By capitalizing on this trend, you can achieve a higher return on investment compared to regular home cleanings.

Laundry Off-site for Time Efficiency

To maximize productivity, you have the laundry done off-site. This allows your team to focus solely on the cleaning tasks, ensuring a faster and more efficient service. Furthermore, you show how you organize and pack laundry supplies for different rooms, streamlining the process for your team.

Within this section, you have highlighted important aspects of your daily routine as a cleaning business owner. By focusing on thorough cleaning, targeting Airbnb jobs, and optimizing efficiency, you have successfully built a successful business.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning is the core of every cleaning business owner’s daily routine. A thorough cleaning is crucial to avoid bad reviews and ensures customer satisfaction. Chris emphasizes the importance of focusing on the kitchen and bathroom, as these areas require the most attention. In the kitchen, checking the refrigerator for leftover food and disposing of it, unless sealed, is essential.

To efficiently tackle the cleaning tasks, Chris and his team work on different areas of the unit simultaneously. They organize and pack laundry supplies specific to each room. Extra pillows are kept handy to address potential stains.

Chris mentions the use of off-site laundry to save time and ensure faster cleaning. By doing laundry separately, they can maintain profitability and productivity. Additionally, they act as property managers for Airbnb hosts, resolving any issues that may arise, and providing peace of mind to their customers.

Chris’s cleaning routine focuses on delivering high-quality service, maximizing efficiency, and exceeding customer expectations. Through effective time management, attention to detail, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Chris has built a successful cleaning business.

A Glimpse into the Daily Routine of a Cleaning Business Owner Cleaning Process

## Laundry Needs

Off-Site Laundry

As a cleaning business owner, one of the tasks is handling laundry needs for Airbnb cleaning jobs. To save time and ensure faster cleaning, Chris Mondragon and his team do their laundry off-site. This allows them to focus on completing the cleaning tasks efficiently without spending unnecessary time on laundry activities.

Packing Laundry Supplies

When it comes to managing laundry supplies, Chris shows how he organizes and packs them for different rooms. This organization ensures that they have all the necessary supplies readily available during the cleaning process, resulting in smooth operations and time efficiency.

Importance of Extra Pillows

During the video, Chris emphasizes the need for having extra pillows for potential stains. This attention to detail showcases the dedication and thoroughness required for cleaning Airbnb units effectively. By providing this added level of service, they aim to prevent any potential issues and maintain high customer satisfaction.

As a cleaning business owner, managing laundry needs is an important aspect of the daily routine. Effective organization and off-site laundry processes contribute to the smooth operation of an Airbnb cleaning business. Paying attention to small details, such as providing extra pillows, ensures a thorough and satisfactory cleaning experience for customers.

Business Operations

Starting a cleaning business doesn’t require a significant investment as the cost of operation is relatively low. All you need is basic equipment and supplies to get your business up and running. As a cleaning business owner, you’ll handle various tasks such as scheduling, communicating with customers and employees, and managing cancellations.

To ensure efficient communication, consider using platforms like Slack to keep your team in sync and handle cancellations effectively. Organizing your day with time blocks can help you prioritize tasks and maximize productivity. For example, setting aside a deep work time from 6-8 am allows you to focus on important tasks without distractions.

When it comes to pricing, it’s essential to adjust your rates if a cleaning job takes longer than anticipated due to factors like parties or damages. The average ticket prices for Airbnb cleanings can range from $250 to $380, with larger units commanding higher service charges.

Successful cleaning business owners emphasize the need for thorough cleaning, especially in high-touch areas like kitchens and bathrooms, to avoid negative reviews and free cleaning requests. They also highlight the importance of finding customers through platforms like Facebook groups for Airbnb hosts, particularly during the high-demand summer season. By providing exceptional service, managing laundry off-site, and acting as a property manager for Airbnb hosts, you can achieve a higher return on investment and build a successful cleaning business.

A Glimpse into the Daily Routine of a Cleaning Business Owner Airbnb Cleaning Business

## Airbnb Cleaning Business

Finding Customers through Facebook Groups

To ensure a steady stream of customers, Chris emphasizes the importance of utilizing Facebook groups for Airbnb hosts. These online communities provide a targeted audience looking for cleaning services, making it easier to connect with potential clients.

High Demand in Seattle

Seattle experiences a high demand for Airbnb cleaning services, especially during the summer season. With its thriving tourism industry, there are plenty of opportunities to secure regular cleaning jobs and increase your revenue.

ROI during High Season

According to Chris, cleaning Airbnb units daily during the high season results in a higher return on investment compared to regular homes. The consistent flow of guests ensures a steady income for your business.

Importance of Competent Crew

To excel in the Airbnb cleaning business, it is crucial to hire a competent and reliable crew. Your team members should be trained to provide thorough cleaning services and pay attention to detail, delivering excellent results every time.

Charging Lower Rates to Gain Experience

In the beginning, charging lower rates may be necessary to attract clients and gain experience. Positive reviews from satisfied customers will help boost your reputation, leading to more bookings and higher rates in the long run.

Focusing on Larger Units

By focusing on larger units with 3-4 bedrooms, you can offer additional services and charge higher rates. These larger properties require more extensive cleaning, offering an opportunity to maximize your profits.

Avoiding Laundry On-Site

To save time and increase efficiency, Chris recommends doing laundry off-site. This allows your team to focus solely on cleaning the property, ensuring faster turnaround times and higher productivity.

Acting as Property Manager

As an Airbnb cleaning business owner, acting as the property manager for your clients provides added value. By taking care of any issues that may arise during the cleaning process, you provide peace of mind to the hosts and establish long-term working relationships.

Starting and running a successful Airbnb cleaning business requires effective marketing strategies, a competent crew, and a focus on customer satisfaction. By implementing these key practices, you can achieve financial freedom and create a thriving business in this industry.


In conclusion, a day in the life of a cleaning business owner like Chris Mondragon of Queen Bee Cleaning Service is a busy one. From starting the day with meditation and a workout, to handling scheduling, communicating with customers and employees, and ensuring efficiency within the team, Chris’s routine demonstrates the dedication and hard work required to run a successful cleaning business.

Throughout the day, Chris emphasizes the importance of time management and using tools like Slack to streamline communication and handle cancellations. He also highlights the need for thorough cleaning, especially in kitchen and bathroom areas, to avoid bad reviews and provide quality service. Chris’s focus on finding Airbnb cleaning jobs showcases the high demand for this service, particularly in Seattle.

Additionally, Chris provides insights into the financial side of running a cleaning business, discussing the cost of operation and the potential for high revenue. He also shares the benefits of owning a business, such as work-life balance and freedom.

Overall, this glimpse into the daily routine of a cleaning business owner offers valuable lessons on time management, customer communication, and maximizing productivity. Whether you’re in the cleaning industry or any other entrepreneurial field, Chris Mondragon’s experiences provide inspiration and practical tips for success.

Work-Life Balance and Freedom as a Business Owner

One of the key takeaways from Chris Mondragon’s daily routine is the importance of achieving work-life balance and enjoying the freedom that comes with being a business owner. Chris’s morning routine, which includes meditation and exercise, sets a positive tone for the day and allows him to prioritize his mental and physical well-being before diving into work.

Throughout the day, Chris demonstrates the ability to manage his schedule and prioritize tasks, using tools like Slack to streamline communication and keep his team on track. By utilizing his deep work time in the early morning hours, Chris is able to focus on important tasks without distractions, allowing him to maximize productivity.

Additionally, Chris emphasizes the importance of delegation and creating a balanced partnership with his wife, who helps manage the scheduling and handles customer service. This teamwork allows them to divide and conquer the various aspects of running a cleaning business, resulting in an efficient and successful operation.

Overall, Chris’s daily routine showcases the benefits of owning a business, such as the ability to create a flexible schedule, prioritize personal well-being, and have control over one’s own financial success. Through effective time management and a focus on work-life balance, Chris demonstrates that being a business owner can provide a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle.

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