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A Lifetime in the Kitchen: Meet Chef Yannick Alléno

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What can diners expect from Pavyllon by Yannick Alléno ?

They can expect a kitchen that offers an intimate cooking experience—all built around an immersive counter. I grew up in bistros, cooking or being cooked for, behind countertops, and I want to deliver this same experience for my guests.

Pavyllon will embody the spirit of gastronomy, but it won’t be uncomfortable or over the top. We are aiming for humble luxury, with a focus on comfortable design, luscious food, and lots of choices. We want to cater for all experiences, from a Friday dinner with friends, a Sunday lunch with family, or a solo weekday lunch between meetings.

Upstairs will be a private dining area, very much its own identity but with equally amazing design, drinks, and food to deliver the ultimate hospitality experience.

The interior designer Chahan Minassian and I worked together very closely on both the restaurant and the private dining area. He will bring fantastic theater to the room—decor is so important to create a perfect atmosphere, and Pavyllon London will be deeply welcoming yet chic at the same time.

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