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Amazon Announces Return to Office: Employees to Work In-person Three Days a Week

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Amazon is requiring thousands of employees to return to the office at least three days a week, according to a memo from CEO Andy Jassy. In making the announcement, Jassy indicated that the company needed to strengthen its culture, promote collaboration, and offer mentorship opportunities to its employees.

Jassy also noted that the in-person requirements would boost local economies where Amazon’s offices are located. He said the company plans to give teams time to develop plans for returning employees, acknowledging that a return to the office may not be perfect at first, but will steadily improve over time.

According to Jassy, Amazon believes in-person work leads to better team connections, the ability to work through complex issues more efficiently, and the promotion of effective brainstorming sessions — which help quickly advance ideas. The company also values the importance of learning from peers and the advantages of in-person mentorship and learning opportunities.

Jassy added that Amazon’s culture has been critical to its success for the past 27 years. Strengthening the company’s culture is a top priority for him and the rest of his team.

The online retail giant’s decision to require in-person work for employees is part of a larger trend of companies bringing employees back to the office, citing the need to promote collaboration and increase productivity. Despite initial concerns, some employees have sought to return to an office environment, as they feel it will help them better connect with and learn from their colleagues.

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