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Amazon Worker Shocks Viewers For Getting Paid to Do ‘Absolutely Nothing’

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As people return to in-person shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, the reliance on has begun to wane.

That has left drivers without any packages left to deliver.

TikToker Diana Dunham-Nelson, who works for Amazon Flex, is going viral for a video that shows an Amazon distribution center with no packages for her to pick up.

“I doubt there’s going to be a for me to even do it, which is great because I get paid to go home for doing absolutely nothing,” she says brazenly, noting that there are many others who have picked up the gig as a “side hustle.”

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Dunham-Nelson claims she makes $28 an hour for the gig through Amazon Flex, a program that allows workers to use their own vehicles to make Amazon deliveries.

She then shows a screenshot of the Flex portal telling her that, in fact, there were no available routes for her for the day.

“Good news is that you still get paid,” the screenshot reads. “You are free to leave now.”

Naturally, the comment section flooded with other hopefuls who wanted to make money doing, essentially, nothing. Others shared their own experiences working for the program.

“I remember the first time this happen to me,” one user wrote. “I was heart broken because I had to pay something and was sent home just to discover I got paid!”

“I got paid twice for just driving there and no routes available,” another said. “Then Amazon got me! Next route a hour away and 58 packages, mostly apartments.”

Dunham-Nelson referred to the gig in the comment section as “Uber for packages,” with many commenters feigning jealousy over her ability to work through the program as they have been on Amazon’s waitlist to get the gig for “years.”

According to Amazon, Flex is available in over 50 U.S. cities with “limited spots” for drivers in each.

The retail behemoth was down over 32% year-over-year as of Thursday afternoon.

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