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‘Awful Advice’: Barbara Corcoran Slammed For ‘Tone Deaf’ Business Advice to Interns

Business advice from Barbara Corcoran is usually coveted — even Mark Cuban looks to the real estate mogul for guidance — but her latest offering is catching heat for being outdated.

The “Shark Tank” star took to TikTok to share her advice for interns looking to turn their aspiring gigs into full-time paid positions.

“Always, always do more than you’re asked. Whatever your job is do another 50% Look for things to do,” she said in the clip that’s been viewed over 30,700 times. “The only worthwhile employee is the employee who takes the most stuff off the boss’s desk. That’s it.”

@barbara.corcoran My best advice to get a full-time job from an internship. #job #intern #summerintern #fulltimejob #boss #hiring ♬ original sound – Barbara Corcoran

Though supporting a work culture where people give more than just the minimum effort is not necessarily a bad thing, many users in the comments slammed Corcoran for being “tone deaf” in encouraging interns to do more work than they’re being compensated for, especially since some interns aren’t paid much, if anything at all.

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“Awful advice,” one person wrote. “You don’t get paid for most internships so complete the duties assigned to you with quality, period. Don’t be overworked in any position.”

1690824341 GettyImages 12294609202Barbara Corcoran sits on the set of “Shark Tank” during Season 12. (Getty Images)

“Barbara, no offense, but telling people who are working for free to do 50% more free labor is kind of tone-deaf coming from a multi-millionaire,” another said bluntly.

Corcoran is no stranger to hard work. She started her own real estate firm, The Corcoran Group, when she was just 23 years old and turned it into a company valued at an estimated $20 billion as of last year. She’s long since been a proponent of making it work with whatever you have to get where you want to go in your career.

The multi-millionaire is also no stranger to controversy when it comes to her business practices.

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Last November, Corcoran took her employees on lavish shopping sprees to bougie New York hot spots such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany and Co., head of the holidays. Of course, some social media users thought it was too over-the-top and questioned Corcoran for posting her “good deeds” to the internet instead of doing so privately.

She also caught heat in March when she posted a video of her shooting a money gun of $100 bills at employees while they were at their computers working, watching employees get on their hands and knees to begin picking up the free money in a stunt that many called “degrading.”

Still, many praised Corcoran for the gifts to employees and the way in which she shows appreciation for them — after all, not everyone’s boss is willing to go to such lengths.

Corcoran’s net worth is an estimated $100 million.

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