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Black Bear Climbs Into Work Truck And Steal’s Employee’s Lunch In Hilarious Video

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Looks like someone was bear-y hungry during his lunch break.

A video taken by Milinda Stark Scott of American Plate Glass in Sunapee, New Hampshire, is going viral after a black bear was caught on camera entering the work truck and helping himself to the food inside.

In the clip, the bear can be seen casually having a field day in the front of the vehicle with one arm draped out the side of the window, just making himself at home.

“It’s a black bear eating Charlie’s nuts in the front seat of the truck, it climbed through the open window” employees Charlie Steiner, Joey Carter, and Tim Martell converse in disbelief as they erupt in laughter over FaceTime with Scott. “That’s what you get for leaving the door open, Charlie!”

Carter told NBC Connecticut that the bear stayed in the car munching away for “five to ten minutes” before going for his cooler.

In an attempt to get the bear out, another employee jumped on the roof to distract the bear (who the employees dotingly named “Barry”) before it exited the vehicle.

A follow-up post shows Barry hanging outside, “having a rest after lunch.”

Luckily, there was no damage to the bear or to the truck.

“There were no scratch marks. You would never know other than that the bear ate Charlie’s nuts and we all saw it,” Scott told TODAY. “The guys chased him just a little bit and he ran 50 feet away from where they were working, laid down, and took a nap.”

The clip has been viewed over 24,000 times, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to help Barry keep his job as the newest employee of American Plate Glass — Scott confirmed that he was unfortunately let go this week.

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