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Blockbuster Gets Cheeky With Netflix Over Password Sharing Fee

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The rivalry between streaming giant Netflix and nearly defunct video rental chain Blockbuster is heating up on Twitter.

Netflix has been under fire in recent weeks after the company began charging subscribers for password sharing with non-household members, making subscribers livid with the change and new fees. Still, this hasn’t stopped customers from signing up for a Netflix subscription as the company saw over 100,000 new signups in the four days following the rollout of the password-sharing crackdown.

This week, Netflix announced that it would be opening a first-of-its-kind pop-up restaurant set to feature celebrity chefs from various shows on the platform, and Blockbuster took it as an opportunity to take a jab.

“As with password sharing @Netflix will kick you out of the restaurant if you share anything from your plate,” Blockbuster tweeted in response to the news.

Netflix did not respond to Blockbuster’s snippy quip.

One fan questioned the video rental chain as to why it didn’t just stage a comeback and show Netflix “how it’s done,” to which Blockbuster had another snarky reply.

Blockbuster had fans excited about a potential comeback in March after a cryptic message that read: “We are working on rewinding your movie” was posted to the chain’s official website, which had been reactivated after being dormant for several years.

Ironically, Netflix premiered a documentary about the last remaining Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon, in 2020, aptly named “The Last Blockbuster.”

Netflix did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur for comment.

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