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Canadian Online Slots With the Biggest Jackpots

Canadian online casino jackpot

Online slots are known for their entertainment value and are a great way to win extra spending money. Whether winning multiple small amounts or hitting a big-time jackpot, becoming a winner is always a thrilling experience. 

Knowing which slots to play to win a juicy jackpot is a big part of playing. After all, not all slots are made equal, and some offer much bigger payouts than others. 

So, if you’re looking for a Canadian online slot with a jackpot that will make your jaw drop, check out the options below. 

Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

Turning more players into millionaires than the hit CTV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Mega Moolah is a must on any list of slots with the highest jackpots. This slot is known as the king of the progressive slot genre and has made millionaires of hundreds of players.

Aside from an aesthetic that brings the African wilderness to life, this iconic slot is nothing exceptional. However, the progressive jackpot it offers—which starts at a minimum of $1 million—certainly sets this slot apart. 

On the surface, the game is a simple 5×3 slot with 25 pay lines. It offers a return to player (RTP) percentage of 88.12% during regular play that goes up to almost 95% if you’re playing on the maximum bet. It also has a bonus that awards 15 free spins with a triple multiplier. 

Wheel of Wishes (Alchemy Gaming & Microgaming)

Some slots are known for dazzling graphics, others for fun gameplay. Wheel of Wishes is known for one thing—its incredible jackpots. With a starting progressive jackpot of $2 million, this slot packs a punch that even Mega Moolah may struggle to beat. 

Taking you on an adventure in the dusky dunes of the desert, the slot features a classy yet attention-grabbing Arabian Nights theme. It also has a unique option that permanently enables the ‘Power Spins’ mode. Doing so will cost ten times your regular bet each time but will drastically increase your chances of getting an opportunity to spin for the jackpot. 

While it is usually a 5×3 reel game, during ‘Power Spins’ mode, the three center reels combine into one giant wheel. Should you be lucky enough to land the wheel symbol here, you’ll get a chance to play for one of the four generous progressive jackpots. 

King Cashalot (Microgaming)

Yet another progressive slot from Microgaming that offers incredible jackpots is the immensely popular King Cashalot. With gold, gold, and more gold emanating from every section of the screen, this slot takes you back into medieval times as you try to claim the cash from King Cashalot himself. 

The biggest win that the game offers is the coveted progressive jackpot. However, unlike other progressive slots from this famous developer, King Cashalot doesn’t serve this up on a golden platter. 

To scoop the top prize, which frequents over $1 million, you’ll need to be playing on the maximum bet and put the 90% RTP to use. Moreover, you’ll need five of the royal monarch’s symbols to fall precisely on the ninth pay line. While this may sound impossible, it is well worth the effort.

Atlantean Treasures: Mega Moolah (Neon Valley Studios & Microgaming)

Developed by Neon Valley Studios, Atlantean Treasures is part of the well-known Mega Moolah franchise. The game will have you chasing down a legend in the deep blue oceans as you search near the lost city of Atlantis for exciting prizes. 

Like other great Canadian slot games, the slot offers a decent RTP (92.08%) and a progressive jackpot that starts at $1 million. The progressive growth on the jackpot has previously reached over the $5 million mark.

While slipping beneath the waters, your main objective is to collect randomly appearing pearls in the middle of the 5×3 reel grid. Collect enough of these while enjoying the free spin feature and the game’s stunning graphics, and you’ll trigger the progressive jackpot wheel. Here you can win one of the four progressive jackpots on offer. 

Holmes and the Stolen Stones (Yggdrasil)

You’ll love Holmes and the Stolen Stones if you fancy mystery, intrigue, and an investigation to discover wild prizes. The slot will place you directly in olden-day London, where you’ll be on a mission to uncover one of the five progressive jackpots on offer.

Trying to distract you from your mission is a free spin feature that applies a triple multiplier to everything you win, which with a 96.8% RTP, isn’t bad. However, stay focused because you’re out to collect clues in the form of shards. 

Get five of these shards, and you’ll be in the running for one of the five jackpots. The smallest of these seeds is worth $40, while the largest is worth $10,000. This amount may seem small compared to some other slots. However, make no mistake in thinking that this can’t grow to some amounts genuinely worth investigating. 

Mega Vault Millionaire (Microgaming)

Cracking a safe may be easier than what appears with this game powered by the same progressive system as Mega Moolah. And with a seed jackpot of $1 million, Mega Vault Millionaire is undoubtedly an experience you’ll enjoy.

At a glance, the game is a 5×3 slot with 25 pay lines and four progressive jackpots. It also features wild symbols and a free spin bonus that awards 15 free spins with a triple multiplier that can be increased to a six-time multiplier if you hit a retrigger. 

Like all progressive slot games, however, it is the jackpot that you’ll want to look out for. The chance to win will appear entirely at random intervals—although it is said that the higher your bet, the more likely this will be. When it appears, spin the wheel and cross your fingers because you might just find yourself the next millionaire of this fantastic slot. 

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