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Car Crashes Into Fireworks Store Setting Off Massive Explosions, 1 Dead

Chaos and tragedy ensued in Melbourne, Fla. after a car crashed through a fireworks store near a major highway, leaving one dead amid a stream of massive explosions.

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Late Monday afternoon, an SUV crashed into a Toyota Tacoma, sending both vehicles flying into the parking lot of Phantom Fireworks located on West New Haven Avenue off of I-95.

Officials say that the SUV kept going and ultimately crashed into the firework store which subsequently went up in flames, leaving the unidentified West Melbourne driver dead on the scene.

Videos from witnesses who saw the explosions flooded social media on Monday and Tuesday.

@spaceforcessgt A car crashed into Phantom Fireworks in Melbourne FL. #Melbourne #Fireworks #florida ♬ original sound – SpaceForceSSgt

@thatvikingbrando #fireworksstoreonfire #melbournefl @amandamoore13 ♬ Crazy Train – Snubby J

@butterfly_camry_jewelz This was uploaded to several platforms with problem…#fyp #butterfly_camry_jewelz #phatomfireworks #melbourne ♬ original sound – Jewelz

Troopers reported that the driver of the Tacoma was unharmed. Two employees who were inside the store at the time of the accident were able to get out in time and are also reportedly unharmed.

There is no information yet on the driver’s condition during the time of the crash.

This is a developing story.

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