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Do Sleep Masks Actually Work?

sleeping masks reviews

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Though there is little research to back the claim, sleep masks seem to help some people who find it difficult to doze off and find that precious sleep. They block out artificial and natural light sources, helping create the dark, quiet environment ideal for good sleep. They are designed to give your mind the idea that you are in comfortable, safe surroundings—the ideal environment for a good snooze.

Do Sleep Masks Work?

How effective sleep masks prove to be will depend on the wearer. Staying alert is an essential tool to human survival; it has been since the dawn of time. For you to fall asleep, your mind needs to be sure that you’re not in any form of danger. This is where soundproofing walls and blackout curtains come into play.

Sleep masks come in handy if you don’t own such curtains, work night shifts, or happen to have your bedroom window outside a street light. They block out that light that could cost you your sleep if you’re sensitive to light. They help signal to your brain that you’re in a safe space, so it’s okay for it to shut down and allow you to sleep. 

A good mask should help you fall asleep faster, assuring you of more shut-eye. This allows you to concentrate on whatever tasks you have ahead of you the next day. You can enjoy better short-term memory and be in a better mood throughout the day.

Are There any Disadvantages?

Do you have sensitive skin? Then you might want to avoid sleep masks as they can react with the skin around your eyes when put into contact with it over several hours. You can work around this challenge by finding out which fabrics you’re allergic to and avoiding masks made using that fabric. Masks made from breathable fabrics are recommended for people who struggle with acne. 

If you fail to get the right fit, sleep masks can add greatly to your discomfort at night. One that is too small will exert pressure on your eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Masks that are too tight may cause you to wake up with blurry vision. They can also cause the premature onset of wrinkles. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this; buy a 3D sleep mask or one that has adjustable straps. 

What Options are Available?

You don’t have to struggle with a sleep mask that hurts your eyelashes or roughs up your skin. When you begin your hunt for an eye mask, you will realize that there are many options suited to deal with different needs. There are also masks to match different personal tastes You can make a fashion statement as you journey through dreamland.

A silk mask will be of great comfort to those with sensitive skin. If you wish to make that fashion statement on your long-haul flight, a silk mask will ensure you stand out. Weighted masks are designed to distribute weight evenly around your head to relieve any pressure from your eyelids or eyelashes. 

Cool masks take comfort to another level by distributing temperature evenly through the mask. If you fall asleep more easily on your side, you should opt for a slim mask. These masks are made from ultra-light materials to make you feel as if you haven’t put anything around your head. 

What Else Promotes Sleep?

Important as they can be in creating a dark, serene environment conducive for optimal sleep, sleep masks are not a panacea for all sleep issues. Before you begin browsing through the offerings on various online shops, it will be helpful to pinpoint the reasons why you find it difficult to fall asleep. Changing your evening diet to avoid sugar and alcohol or turning off all devices an hour before bedtime might be more effective solutions.

It could also be that your mattress is costing you a good night’s rest. Your mattress may be too soft, offering little support to your back. Or it may not be ideal for your preferred sleeping position. For example, side sleepers need support on their hips and shoulders. If you’re able to find the best mattress for side sleepers, you could potentially solve your sleep issues for the long term.

Do Your Homework Before Shopping

Before you begin window shopping for a sleep mask, it is wise to find out why you’re struggling to find sleep. Even the most effective or comfortable of masks won’t keep out stress if that is what’s causing you sleepless nights. A bit more physical exertion in the course of the day may be just what your body needs to shut down at night.

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