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Do you want to open a business? See how much it costs to do it at the new airport in Mexico City

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If you plan to start a business or open another branch of the one you already have, perhaps this is your opportunity, especially if your line of business is restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, fashion and retail stores, self-service stores, banks and exchange houses; crafts, car rental, airport and complementary services, since they are the lines of business that the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) is looking for.

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The commercial area of AIFA told El Financiero that the rent per square meter starts at $488.10 Mexican pesos, from which interested parties make offers to open their business in the facilities and sell their merchandise.

In other words, the rental of premises in this new airport is subject to a contest that privileges the price offer against other proposals, so that the premises stay with whoever presents the best economic proposal.

As for the surfaces of the premises, these range from 13 square meters to 1,027 square meters. This allows a variety of businesses installed in these spaces.


In addition to the contests mentioned, another way to get a place and open a business in the new airport is through the presentation of a technical proposal .

In the technical proposals, a presentation of the business project is made, to determine if it will be profitable and attractive for travelers passing through the airport. In addition to the already mentioned economic offer per square meter, it is possible to present a percentage of income not less than 15 percent of monthly income, where the highest amount is preferred.

To compete for the rental of a premises, the business must already be registered with the Treasury, preferably have a trademark registration and be able to demonstrate their experience in the business in order for it to be successful.

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