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DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE – Motivational Speech


Where is the wealthiest place in the world?   It’s not China, it’s not Dubai.   It’s the graveyard. Because in the graveyard   you will find inventions never invented, businesses never erected,   songs never sung, books never written,   ideas never nurtured, people never realized.

  But you wanna know something else? You’re not in the graveyard   yet. We get one life   and every passing moment, we will never get back again.   The problem is you think   you have time. Stop wasting   your life.

You gotta make a decision.   What’s the decision? Now we’re at the moment,   the clock is ticking. Is the decision to finally get serious?   Is the decision to stop worrying  about what people think?   What’s the decision? Right now,   what is it? Be honest with yourself.

  It’s sitting right in front of you, what’s the decision?   What have you been hesitating on? What are you afraid of?   Face it. Right now.   What do you need to decide? I don’t know what it is for you.

  But I know this, It’s only a thought   if you don’t take an action. The difference between a thought   and a decision is an action.   You will really have decided  if within this next hour   you took some step towards it.

Something.   Something you do that you follow   up with the action to make it real. ‘Cause you’ve been burying your dreams   all your damn life. And guess what?   You keep thinking you’re  waiting for the right time,   let me tell you something, you keep burying those dreams,   the longer you wait, the harder they are to find.

  It’s time you dig those things out, right now and find them, and put them right in   front of you again, and go chase them.   We are going to be aggressive, and that’s gotta be your default mode.

  The good deals that you think are  gonna come to you in the world,   they’re not gonna come knocking on your door. You gotta go out   and make them happen. Don’t give me this thing,   “I have a difficult time with it, the timing, I don’t have time for this,   none of that.

” You have time.   You make the time. I need to make all of the sacrifices.   Whatever it takes. I need to focus in a way   that I’ve never focused before. That you can do.   All the energy that’s gonna be required, today, you can put that energy in.

  Today, you can light that fire. Today you can get started.   What you do at night matters. What you do in the morning matters.   What you do on Saturday matters. What you do on Sunday matters.   The success clock doesn’t give a f*ck what day it is,   it’s gonna run no matter what.

So put in the work.   Put in the reps. It might take 10 reps, 20 reps, 30,   100 reps, it might take 1,000,   who cares? Just put in the rep,   put in the rep, put in the rep,   and keep putting in the reps.

And after you keep putting in the reps,   put in some more reps, then give me another rep,   Give me a rep, give me a rep,   give me a rep. If you put in the reps,   and you put in enough reps, and you make the sacrifices,   you will wake up one day and that rep   will turn into a reward.

So shut up   and put in the rep. If you are intentional and deliberate   every single day, if you do a little,   you’re gonna wake up one day and your dreams are gonna be a reality.   Accept that it’s gonna take time, accept that you’re gonna have to do the work,   accept that it’s going to be hard and go f*cking do it.


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