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DoorDash is Paying Back Drivers to Offset Gas Prices — Without Charging Customers

As gas prices continue to rise at exorbitant rates around the country, many delivery companies are making moves to help employees offset the new rates.

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Often times this results in a higher price or fee for customers in an attempt to compensate drivers, but some companies are finding creative ways to get the lost money back in their employees’ pockets.

DoorDash announced this week that it would be offering cash back to drivers via a 10% cash back option when they use the company’s debit card that’s designed specifically for drivers.

Drivers can use the prepaid Visa debit card, called DasherDirect, even if they are off the clock and will still receive the money back.

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“Over the last few weeks, prices at the pump have increased all across the world, and for Dashers who deliver by car, this economic reality presents unique and unprecedented challenges,” DoorDash explained in a statement. “We know that DoorDash needs to take steps to continue to make every dash worth doing, so we’ve taken time to listen to and consider feedback from the Dasher Community Council on how we can best support Dashers through this crisis and help alleviate rising costs.”

Moreover, Dashers will now also be eligible for weekly bonuses based on mileage driven, with those who complete orders that total over 100 miles earning an extra $5, 175 miles earning an extra $10, 225 miles earning an additional $15 and so forth incrementally.

The new pay changes are expected to run through April.

“We estimate that when combined, these two relief efforts should help offset the effects of increased prices at the pump,” the company said. “These relief programs will be in place at least through April, and we’ll continue to monitor gas prices, listen to the Dasher community, and seek feedback as we evolve these programs and explore additional resources in the coming weeks and months.”

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The company estimates that drivers who use both rewards initiatives could receive between $1.65 and $2.00 back per gallon.

Dashers who qualify for both rewards could receive anywhere between $1.65 and $2.00 per gallon.  

The food delivery service joins the ranks of Uber and Lyft, which both announced surcharges upwards of $0.55 to riders in an attempt to make up for the rise in gas prices.

Both of those programs are slated to run for the next 60 days, effective from March 16 onward.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the estimated average national gas price in the U.S. was $4.298 per gallon.

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