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El Chapo Spent $50 Million Dollars On Secret Tunnels

How to Turn Your Money Pond Into a Flowing River

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to share my most current understanding on the spiritual practice that has made my life much more lovely and also abundant than any dream I ever before pictured. I’m speaking concerning the tithing version that I have actually been exercising for 7 years, where I add 10% of my revenue to individuals, locations, as well as organizations that have fed me emotionally, inspired me as well as helped me remember that I really am. If you believe the suggestion that what you place your interest on expands, after that it might also make feeling that when you provide based …

For Entrepreneurs – A Lesson in Reverse Selling

New business owners are often worried concerning having to change from being employees to being salespeople. The fact is, a well-designed sales program “markets itself.” Here’s a study that illustrates the point.

Thought Leadership: Are You Effectively Repurposing Your Content?

You have actually gotten your book published, you’ve written a zillion articles as well as supplied countless speeches. Excellent, that’s a fantastic library to pull from. You clearly need to regularly interact with your fans, to give them with valuable content to keep them involved nevertheless this can be exceptionally time consuming. So what’s a thought leader to do? Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. Opportunities are you’ve obtained a great deal of useful web content to show your followers.

Good Enough Is Never Good Enough

Sales resemble reputation: you can spend time in constructing one however it can be shed in a minute. Your whole sales plan needs to hold with each other for it to work at all. Everybody in the system can be ‘good enough’ yet that might not make the cut. The entire process should be ‘sufficient’.

The Gift of Freedom

Why did 300 Spartans go to battle against countless Persians as well as risked their lives for their freedom and also the freedom of their country as well as enjoyed ones? Why did William Wallace inspire several Scottish to head to battle with him and put their lives on the line to make their Liberty? Why did so many nations in the past fight with each other for freedom?

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