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Elon Musk’s Sister, Tosca, Opens Up About Carrying The Musk Name In Business: ‘They’ll Think He Paid For Everything’

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Elon Musk is nothing if not contentious, and now the stature he has associated with his last name is getting his family members into less-than-desirable business situations.

Musk’s younger sister, Tosca Musk, 48, told the Daily Mail in a new interview that she was upcharged on a shooting location for a video of her passion and romance streaming site, Passionflix, because they “heard my name and assumed we were rich … That’s not exactly fair, is it?”

Tosca said that the shoot was originally supposed to cost $5,000 for the location but ended up being offered to her at $25,000.

“It’s a double-edged sword for me to say whether my brother has helped in any way,” she told the outlet. “If I say no, then people will say he does not support me at all, and if I say yes, they’ll think he paid for everything.”

Tosca and Elon, 51, also share a brother, Kimball Musk, 50.

Tosca Musk also went on to talk about the work ethic that her mother, model Maye Musk, 75, instilled in her and her siblings when they were growing up.

“I was taken care of and loved by my family,” she explained. “My mum was always of the attitude that if you don’t like something, come up with a plan to change it. You can’t just sit there and wallow in misery. So that’s very much how all of us in the family have operated.”

Tosca told Entrepreneur in 2018 that she and her siblings assisted their mother with chores but also helped out at Maye’s nutrition business in South Africa.

Tosca’s net worth is estimated to be around $170 million. Elon’s was estimated to be $238.6 billion as of Wednesday afternoon.

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