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Ferrari Reveals Its First Four-Door Model. Just Don’t Call It This One Thing.

is known for their luxurious, speedy sports cars, an anecdote for many a midlife crisis. But today, the Italian automaker broke with tradition and unveiled the “Purosangue,” their first-ever four-door, four-seat car.

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The Purosangue, which means “thoroughbred” in Italian, looks a lot like an SUV. But Ferrari prefers that you not call it that, thank you very much. They prefer the term “modern GT.”

Why? First, its massive 715-horsepower V12 engine is much more powerful than most SUVs and similar to other GTs, such as the upcoming Aston Martin sports roadster. Second, the Purosangue’s engine is mounted behind the front axle rather than over it like other SUVs. And third, the gearbox is mounted in the rear to “create a transaxle layout similar to sports cars,” says Ferrari.

Other Notable Purosangue Features

1663187652 interior

  • The Purosangue’s front bumper and wheel arch trim generate an “air curtain” that makes the car more aerodynamic.
  • The backdoors are rear-hinged, meaning they open the opposite way from the front doors.
  • The interior looks like an “extremely elegant, sporty lounge,” says Ferrari.
  • For the first time in Ferrari history, the cabin has four separate, independently-adjustable seats.
  • The double cupholders are made out of glass.

1663187713 interior2

According to Ferrari, the first Purosangues will be available in the U.S. around the end of 2023. The price tag is $390,195.

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