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GET IT DONE – Motivational Speech


If you can believe it, you can achieve it. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.   This is something that you hear a lot of.   And I get it. I get it, because   if you’re gonna do something, you gotta believe in what you’re doing,   that’s true.

  But guess what? Belief by itself   doesn’t get you anything. You gotta impose your will,   you gotta be disciplined, and you gotta make things happen.   And so I love the process. I love it, I love working   for what I want.

I love the sacrifice,   I love the dedication, I love the commitment.   I love that. Everybody wants the prize,   nobody wants the process. Everybody wants to be a diamond,   nobody’s willing to get cut.

Everybody wants to go to heaven,   nobody wants to die. If you could fix procrastination,   what would your life be like? That’s why you can’t blow up,   you ain’t got enough  discipline to discipline you.

  At the center of bringing  any dream into fruition,   is self-discipline. It’s getting command of your mind   to be able to choose actions that are in your own best interest.   Every day we are choosing sh*t   that’s not in our own best interest.

So if the world is attacking you,   and the world wants to fight you, and the world’s trying to hold you down,   so you’re gonna stop yourself from getting what you dream?   Self-discipline is the center   of all material success.

You cannot win the war against the world   if you can’t win the war against your own mind. And there are those of you in this room,   you’re playing. You’re still giving 50%,   you’re still giving 70%.

Look, quit that job.   If you’re gonna go every  day and give that job 70%,   quit that job.   So if you’re not finding that  motivation that you want,   forget about it. Instead,   impose some daily discipline in your life.

And start   today. Lazy people do a little work   and think they should be winning, but winners work as hard as possible   and still worry if they’re being lazy. So if you’re a winner,   you ain’t comfortable.

Every day I get up   and give everything I’ve got  to everything I’m a part of,   simply because this is who I am. Like, the only thing I need every day of my life   is 86,400 seconds. That’s it.

  Like, I don’t need some reward. Like, the only thing I need   is breath in my body and I’m gonna flat-out go and get it.   You’re not in here to get an achievement,   you’re in here to pay your f*cking dues, so later in life, you never wonder what if.

  We just erase that out of the equation. We’re putting the work in now   so we never wonder what if. Not run by the clock,   run by our desire of where we wanna go tomorrow. Because the more energy you give,   the more that life can express through you, can create through you.

  We don’t know when god’s  gonna take us out of here,   so every day has gotta be the best day. Every day, we gotta go get it,   every day, we gotta workout. This could be the last day   and because this could be the last day, we can’t live it like we used to live it.

  Too many of you in this room, you act like you’re gonna be 200, 300.   You are running out of time. Act like it.   You know what separates the winners from the losers in this world?   The difference is that winners are honest with themselves   about the effort that they put in.

They don’t blame anything but themselves   when they don’t get the result they’re after,   instead, they recognize their own lack of effort,   they take responsibility for it, and they fix the f*cking issue.

  Only you can hold yourself back   from getting what you want. Not your parents,   not your teachers, not your circumstances,   you are   in control. Every   single day   is a win or a loss.   Did you do what you needed to do today?   Because that’s all that matters.

There is no magic,   there is no luck. It’s one day at a time,   one win at a time, until you make winning   who f*ck you are.


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