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Go Inside McLaren with Design Director, Rob Melville

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What guiding principles do you set for design at McLaren? What makes your cars visually distinct from their rivals?
One of our main guiding principles is purity. You can see it in the new Artura, which is very clean and very sculpted. Look at the rear clamshell: it runs the full width of the back of the car, seamlessly. There’s a beautiful amount of sculpture in it and it delivers this very pure aesthetic.

Another guiding principle is what we call “functional jewelry.” We don’t decorate our cars. We simply take what needs to be there and make them beautiful, inside and out. We never add trim just to “lift” the car. It should be designed in if it’s required, but to an absolutely exquisite standard.

The final principle is technical sculpture. I think the Artura’s door is a great example of this. It looks like a sand dune—as if it’s been blown and shifted by the wind. It communicates visually the way in which our designers and aerodynamicists guide the air around the car.

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