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Google Lens May Be Able to Identify Skin Conditions After a Simple Scan

The human body can be mysterious, and when it comes to skin conditions, typing symptoms into a search bar doesn’t always yield the best results.

However, while it’s not superior to (or a replacement for) an official diagnosis, Google Lens may at least be able to steer you in the right direction.

A new update to Lens, Google’s visual search tool that was launched in 2017, allows users to either capture or upload a photo of a skin condition, and the program will offer visual matches to narrow the search and possibly identify the problem — such as a bump on the lip, a new mole, or a white spot on fingernails.

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Google Lens visual search tool. Google

However, Lens’ abilities aren’t confined to anatomy issues or mysterious rashes. Uploading or capturing images into Lens can also translate text in over 100 languages, give homework instructions through a “homework helper” feature, and find restaurants that serve a specific dish you’re craving.

Last month, at Google’s developer conference, the company announced that Lens will be integrated into its prompt-driven chatbot, Bard, to help inform search.

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