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He Went From Zero to Over $100 Million in Net Worth — and Adopting This ‘9-Figure’ Mindset Made It Possible

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Brandon Dawson, co-founder, CEO and managing partner at Cardone Ventures, knows what it takes to rebound “from a net worth of $10 million to nearly nothing.”

The story, which he explores in his forthcoming book Nine-Figure Mindset: How to Go From Zero to Over $100 Million in Net Worth, starts back when Dawson discovered the appeal of entrepreneurship via his parents’ walnut farm in Corvallis, Oregon, where, as a high school student, he hired a team of classmates to make quick and lucrative work of a harvest.

Out of high school, Dawson hoped to earn at least $100,000 annually, which he achieved by the time he was 21 through selling hearing devices for his stepfather’s company. He set his sights on $1 million annual income next, but once he hit $200,000 annually and earned more than other executives, he’d “seemingly maxed out [his] potential income.”

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