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Horrifying Video of Car Flipping Through Air Caught On Tesla Dashboard Camera

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A horrifying car crash was caught on camera after a Tesla driver watched back the footage that was automatically recorded on his vehicle’s dashboard camera.

Driver Anoop Khatra posted a video to Twitter on Friday that has since been viewed over 17.5 million times of the unbelievable accident in which the car in front of him hits a rogue tire on the highway and begins to flip in full rotation in mid-air.

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“Witnessed and recorded the most INSANE car crash yesterday, you can see Autopilot also swerve and avoid the rouge tire for me,” he wrote alongside the video, nodding to the Tesla’s Autopilot feature that will automatically move the car out of the way of oncoming obstacles.

According to local outlet KTLA, the accident occurred on California State Route 118 in Chatsworth on March 23.

In the clip, the front left tire of a pickup truck in the center lane can be seen detaching before rolling in front of a black Kia Soul. As the pickup truck begins to skid, the Kia goes flying and fully rotates in the air before barreling down.

According to Fox 6, the LAPD maintained that no major injuries were sustained as a result of the incident.

Tesla customers, like Khatra, are confident that the electric car’s Autopilot function will act accordingly in times of imminent danger or a potential collision.

Yet questions have been raised about how reliable the software is.

In January, a Tesla engineer and director for the Autopilot software testified in court that a demo video displaying the feature from 2016 was doctored and not a factual representation of Tesla’s self-driving and automatic capabilities at the time.

Tesla was down just over 47% in a one-year period as of Wednesday afternoon.

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