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How CEO’s Make 351x More Money

This Just In – Affirmations Don’t Work!

Frankly, if I read another publication on how affirmations will make me effective, rich, slim, calm or anything else, I’m going to scream! And the worst publications, naturally, are the ones that are just web pages and also pages of affirmations, along with the regular guidelines: write affirmations in the here and now strained, duplicate them a dozen times a day (maybe stare into the mirror as you do), and then voila, issue resolved.

If You Cannot Sell, You Are Not in Business!

But, unless you can sell to the possible customers that your advertising and marketing efforts generated, you do not make any type of money as well as you are quickly out of service. Sales are the linchpin of your training or consulting service. Without people getting your product and services, the length of time could you pay for to be in organization?

Attention Women: If You Are Talking, You Are Selling!

If your work involves chatting, if possibly includes marketing! You’re marketing – whether you realize it or otherwise.

What Do You Say When Your Prospective Client Says “I Can’t Afford Your Services?”

I have actually been a sales trainer as well as mentor for 11 years and I do not believe in being hostile in any way – not just when dealing with money objections. Why would a client intend to employ you if you are that pushy on the sales discussion? It’s disconcerting for the prospective customer and excessive stress and anxiety for you to have to sell that method.

The ABCs of Selling

Offering your solutions doesn’t have to be high-pressure pitches that you either require a script for (or a shot of tequila!) prior to you speak to your prospective customers. You can in fact have a loosened up sales conversation as well as obtain those brand-new customers without being a master of control.

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