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How This Coach Helps His Clients Become 7-Figure Earners

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Have you ever struggled to express how you help people and why they should buy from you? If so, you’re going to enjoy listening to the next episode of the Launch Your Business podcast featuring Seth Czerepak.

Seth is the head marketing coach at Mawer Capital, a mastermind for new entrepreneurs serious about growth or experienced six and seven-figure business owners wanting to go to the next level — faster.

He’s described as the world’s premier expert on sales funnel copywriting and my head coach at Mawer Capital. I meet with him every Monday to review my sales emails, website copy and the creative work I develop on behalf of my clients. He’s not just good with words though, you can easily see a measurable impact from his work. The number of leads generated from my 1:1 coaching page tripled after Seth made several changes.

He’s incredible, but our calls almost always get sidetracked by me asking questions about how he discovered one technique or another. It’s hard to describe how his brain works or how impressed I am with the output. So, I decided to bring him on my podcast so you can hear from him yourself.

You can check out a few of my top takeaways below.

Expanding your market is the key way to grow

Seth compares expanding your business to a plant growing in a pot. After a certain amount of growth, the roots are expanding and you need to move to an entirely different, bigger container to allow the plant to keep growing.

“You have to get outside of your warm network,” Seth said. “Being able to convert complete strangers (a cold audience), using paid ads to your customers is the way that you break out of that “small pot” of marketing only to the people in your warm network and having access to almost a limitless sea of prospects.

And that, in my opinion, is the only way that you can grow to seven figures unless you just become a viral sensation overnight, which is a lot of time a game of luck.”

How to make your message relevant

When you’re reaching out to a cold audience, it’s critical to grab their attention with relevant information. “Your message has to be relevant to the conversation going on in their head every day, surrounding the problem that you’re going to help them solve,” Seth said. “So if you were to follow your prospect throughout their entire day like you’re filming a documentary, think about the times during their day when they run into the problem that you’re going to help them solve. And what does that experience look like? What are they saying to themselves? What’s [their] internal dialogue like?”

Seth used the example of selling cream for plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel). You don’t start your ad with, “Do you have plantar fasciitis?” You start with, “What is that pinching pain in your heel? It started small, but now it’s so bad you can’t walk.” Because you’ve started with their situation — not jargon — you can move forward with introducing your solution.

Don’t bury the lead

“The most common mistake I see people make is a lot of the time: Their best headline is usually about three-quarters of the way down the page,” Seth said. “There’s too much throat clearing, too much preparation before they actually get to the point.

And a lot of times you can chop off the top of a sales page, find the buried lead, move that up to the headlining and increase your conversions right away.”

Another common error is not understanding your audience. You need to be so inside their head, that you’ll know whether you should be selling to their pain or pleasure points. The sooner you can address that internal dialogue and sell what’s most relevant to them, the better.

Next steps

Seth has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become six-figure earners and dozens more break the seven-figure-a-year mark.

His signature copywriting framework, “The Antifragile Sales System,” has been endorsed by direct response marketing legend, Dan S. Kennedy, and is the topic of his upcoming book, “The Antifragile Sales System,” which will be coming out in January 2024.

Connect with Seth on social media to get more of his content and updates about upcoming books, podcasts, and products. And if you’d like to work with him 1:1, just like I do, consider joining the Mawer Capital mastermind group.

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