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I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN – Best Motivational Speech


What are you playing this game for? What’s your passion? What’s your drive? What’s your purpose? What’s your purpose for playing this game? Why are you doing what you’re doing? If y’all gonna be great on that field you gotta have a why.

You gotta have a reason for why you do what you do. You are phenomenal you are beyond measure, I need you to act like it. No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me up. I haven’t used a clock in 20 years my passion wakes me up my drive wakes me up.

My determination wakes me up my ability to be, do and have whatever I want it wakes me up what wakes you up? What drives you? Why are you playing this game? ls it just a game? Or do you eat it? Do you sleep it? Do you drink it? Have you possessed the game? I ain’t about to miss this Opportunity I’m about to give everything I’ve got I ain’t about to miss this opportunity I’m about to give everything I’ve got and I will know if I don’t get another gig it won’t have nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t put everything on the field.

You have to want to work. You never get better if you’re not willing to put in the time. Most people think “Well I’ll be successful if “something happens. I’ll be successful if I win the lottery ticket.

” Look, you’re not gonna be successful if you don’t demand it, if you Iitterally don’t stake a claim to it and say this is mine it’s important you’re not gonna have it. People need to know you for one major thing first “He works.

” “He produces.” “the guy’s there everyday” “the guy’s pushing and shoving’ because the truth is, no matter how good your ideas are or how good your art is or how good your skillset is if you’re not working man if you’re not vibrating at a frequency that people say “My god, how does that guy do all that” 10X levels massive action tremendous work ethic that’s just a muscle now it’s just a discipline in your life and it’s a normal way you’re not gonna get in that top 10 percent.

Success is your duty. It is your obligation and your responsibility. A person with passion always stands out. The world is so full of average that once you have passion and a sense of energy in your life it distinguishes you.

When you’re passionate about something it isn’t reasonable, but you do it anyway. Passion will take you where nothing else will ever take you it’s give you that side edge it’ll help you to stand out.

You gotta love it, it’s gotta be what you are supposed to do. You want to sing even though they won’t invite you to Carnegie Hall you’re gonna sing to anybody that’ll listen to you including singing to yourself.

You gotta write even if no one will publish your book write because that was given to you to do. You do what it is you’re supposed to you’re supposed to build something you’re supposed to create something “I don’t know how to do it.

” Learn. Do whatever is required. It’s you, it’s on you, you’ve got to make that happen nobody’s gonna bring it to you on a silver platter and say “Here’s your dream manifested.

” No, it’s hard, yes it’s hard it’s difficult yes right and it’s worth it.


Must Have’s For an Entrepreneur 2: Interest In and Ability to Learn Other Things

An entrepreneur has to play all the functions needed for managing and also running an organization as well as consequently needs to have expertise of several various other subjects in enhancement to understanding of his domain name. Capability and also willingness to learn are as a result one more “have to have” for an entrepreneur.

Your Business Is Not Your Personal Piggy Bank

The cash in an organization account is for organization costs. Your individual money is for personal expenses. Mix the 2 and you throw down the gauntlet!

Things You Should Consider About Your Inventions

Generating an invention is a remarkable thing. Nevertheless, making your development a reality can be extremely hard. This is since you will face a whole lot of resistance as well as problems.

What Do You Do With a Bolt From the Blue?

As a former weather condition forecaster I can inform you that I’m happy for the reality that in all heaven sky I experienced, there never ever once happened a bolt from the blue. A weatherman’s worst nightmare takes place when the anticipated weather does not materialize. You might well think that this occurs the majority of the moment; however actually weather condition prognostication today is concerning 89% exact for the very first 1 day. 72 hrs, however is the outdoors restriction.

You Might Be an Entrepreneur If You’re Red-Blooded

There was a time when those that belonged to the different European royal households were described as being “blue-blooded.” Of program, their blood was as red as anyone else’s, as unbelievers would have uncovered during the French Transformation. Yet the expression came from the fact that the reasonably pale complexions of the kings, queens, and also various other participants of the upper class enabled their based on see their veins a lot more quickly. And blood that hasn’t been exposed to the air does seem blue. So, why is it that business owners usually would not be mistaken for being royals?

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