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Internet Stumped Over Value Brand Company Cracking ‘Fastest Growing Companies’ List

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Despite inflation and other spending cuts made by Americans this year, some companies continued to grow at impressive rates.

Such were the results of Morning Consult’s Fastest Growing Brands Report for 2022, which analyzed 1,689 brands that U.S. adults purchase to see which received the highest growth levels over a one-year period.

The company surveyed subjects by asking them if they would consider purchasing from the brand during the month of October 2022 and subtracted that number from respondents that said they would consider purchasing from the brand during the month of January 2022. Then, they ranked the brands No. 1 through No. 20.

Meta clinched the top spot for all adults (from Baby Boomers to Gen Z) followed by Crocs and then Beats.

But eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed one particularly brow-raising and out-of-place brand that made this year’s list — Great Value Cream Cheese, which clinched the No. 8 spot.

The company saw a 2.5% growth from January to October, much to the confusion of the internet at large.

Other brands on the list decided to get in on the fun and also comment on the dairy spread’s appearance on the list, including No. 20 Four Loko and No. 6 Zelle.

Many credited the brand’s rise in popularity to the popular crockpot recipes on social media, which often call for cream cheese in the dish like “TikTok Chicken.” Plus, with inflation rampant, people are looking to save money. Great Value Cream Cheese is sold exclusively at Walmart and is almost $1 less than Philadelphia brand on Walmart’s website.

@lilmama.xoxoxo Serve w/ garlic bread, salad, rolls, etc! So yummy #crockpotrecipes ♬ You Proof – Morgan Wallen

The creators of the study note that the food and beverage industry performed exceptionally well amongst all generations, citing lower price points and consumers being more conscious of affordable options.

It is to be noted, however, that all in all purchasing consideration dropped -1.37 percent year over year versus 0.44 in 2021 and 0.32 in 2020.

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