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Is His Business About to Gobble Up Uber Eats and DoorDash?

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You can have an amazing product, plenty of sales and great traction, but none of that means anything if you’re pitching the wrong person. So says Marc Randolph on the season nine finale of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch. “Don’t waste your time on somebody who is never going to bite,” he cautions.

It’s great advice, but luckily for this week’s contestants, not an issue they’ll need to contend with. It’s the last episode of an epic season of Elevator Pitch, and our board of investors is eager to sink their teeth into some tasty deals. As always, this week’s entrepreneurs were challenged to step into an elevator and win over investors in just 60 seconds. Some of our contestants on this week’s episode got through the elevator doors and into the boardroom, where they scored life-changing deals. And others…did not.

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Watch to discover what moved investors to risk their personal money on these entrepreneurs’ dreams and what scared them off. Is the valuation too high? Too low? Is the idea too “been there, done that,” or is it a smart iteration of a proven concept that could revolutionize an entire industry? Watch the season nine finale of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch to find out!

Has this season inspired you to launch or grow your dream business? You could be the next contestant to land a life-changing investment from our board of investors — apply to be on season 10 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch now!

Episode 9 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch board of investors:

  • Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, master of scaling
  • Kim Perell, CEO of, serial entrepreneur and investor
  • Jonathan Hung, angel investor and managing partner of Entrepreneur Venture Fund

Episode 8 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch contestants:

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