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Keep Your Plants Healthy with This Simple, AI-Powered App

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There might be more you can do to improve productivity, and all it takes is a green thumb. A 2014 study found that simply putting plants around an office space has the potential to increase productivity by 15%. When your workers are surrounded by vibrant greenery, the quality of life and quality of work tends to improve.

Caring for a few office plants may sound simple, but there’s more to it than watering them and ensuring they’re in the light. Don’t waste money on a gardener, and you certainly don’t need to cover the cost of training for a new part of office upkeep. Instead, get Plantum. This AI plant app helps you keep track of what each of your plants needs, and it’s only $14.97 for a lifetime subscription.

Plantum is an intuitive app that can identify and provide care instructions for more than 14,000 plant species. Just snap a photo with your iPhone or iPad and find out what your plant is, whether it needs water, and if it has any diseases.

If your plant is sick, Plantum can even provide guidance to help nurse it back to health. Lively plants may be good for morale, but dying plants might have the opposite effect. You can even set up watering and turning reminders to keep your plants happy, healthy, and growing, just like your business. Soon, your workspace might feel like a vacation.

This offer is exclusively available for iOS 13 and up. Curated plant care recommendations are just a few taps away for iPhone users.

Let AI help you take care of your office plants.

Get a lifetime subscription to Plantum for your iOS 13 or later device for just $14.97 (reg. $59).

Prices subject to change.

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