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KILL YOUR EXCUSES – Motivational Speech


What gets you out of bed? What gets you off the couch?   What gets you in the gym? It’s not your alarm.   It’s not your parents. It’s not your friends.   It’s you. The only one that can make it happen for you   is you.

It’s really hard to be lead   by your but. But I’m not qualified.   But I’m not good enough. But I’m not smart enough.   But I didn’t go to the right school. But I don’t have enough money.

  But, but, but, but, but. If you’re ever going to step into your future,   if you’re ever going to step into your destiny, you’re going to have to get over your but.   And that’s what a pity party is, when you have an undisciplined mind   and you mediate on the wrong thing over and over and over again.

  If you’re gonna throw a pity party, I give you 3 days and that’s it.   And after 3 days, you cut off your record player,   your iPod, your MP3, and you come up with a plan.   Do I just sit there and settle? No, I don’t.

  I say enough is enough, man, and I’m gonna make a change,   and I’m gonna keep going until I get it. You chase something that you believe you deserve   until you get it. And it doesn’t matter what happens to you,   doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been fired, doesn’t matter how many people   don’t believe in you, you just go until you get it.

  That’s the point. Are you tired yet?   Some of you need to get tired. You need to be tired of what’s   going on in your life. Get tired of your habits,   get tired of the actions that  you’re putting in every day.

  You gotta change, man, or nothing changes.   I woke up one day and stopped making excuses.   I woke up one day and stopped  playing the blame game.   I woke up one day and looked at the  man in the mirror and was like,   yo bruh, what are you doing? Wake up, it’s showtime.

  Let’s go. Get up.   Go to class, get up. Do your homework.   You wake up earlier than people, you stay later than people,   you stay humble, you work harder than anyone when no one’s there.

  I guarantee, someone that feels  bad about themselves soon   will label you as “He’s built different.” “He’s built different” should be your label   because people feel bad about themselves.

Your life is exactly what you wanted.   Because every day you’ve had choices to make.   You’re responsible and credible  for every single choice.   You’ve made the choices. And what I need you to do for me is,   why are you here? And then take ownership of why you’re here.

  So you control you. This world ain’t gonna give you what you deserve.   This world gonna give you what you work for. I put that work in every single day.   And when you wake up every single  day, and you put that work in,   and yes, for some of us, it  might be harder than others,   man, whatever, we do whatever it is we gotta do.

  Especially when we’re desperate. Winning’s not loyal to you,   it doesn’t care about you. Winning doesn’t care how sore you are.   Winning doesn’t care how much sleep you get.

Winning doesn’t care how hard you work at times.   Winning requires all of you and then more, and it promises you nothing.   It’s a mastermind of creating  fear and doubt in your mind.   It causes setback after setback.

So the question isn’t about winning,   are you willing to sprint  when the distance is unknown?   And why chase this thing called winning? Because the only thing that’s guaranteed in life   if you don’t chase it, is losing.

  Now is the time to grind. Now is the time to show the world   that I was placed here for a purpose. Work for it.   Fight for it. It begins today,   it continues tomorrow, and it never f*cking dies.


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