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MarketBeat Podcast: BAD investments: Betting, Alcohol and Drug Stocks

This week on The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate’s guest is Tommy Mancuso, Founder of the BAD Investment Company.​

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The B.A.D. ETF (BAD) is a large-cap fund designed to track the EQM BAD Index, which tracks price movements of a portfolio of U.S. listed companies with exposure to the following B.A.D. market segments: Betting, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Drugs (Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology).  

What is the origin of the BAD acronym for the ETF? Why does Tommy see growth opportunities in the fund’s sectors?

Why does the fund include both growth and value styles?

Why Tommy feels strongly that tech should not be investors’ only growth positions

How are the gaming stocks in Tommy’s portfolio faring in the current environment?

How will rising interest rates and inflation affect the casino stocks?

Why are some gaming stocks holding up better than others?

What is Tommy’s investment time horizon?

​How are online gaming stocks performing vs. brick-and-mortar casino stocks? What is the potential there?

​Is there value in stocks with strong growth prospects, relative to where they are trading now?

​Why the alcohol industry has been under some pressure in the past few months

​Were some product launches not as successful as expected?

​How are alcohol stocks doing now that restaurants, bars, stadiums and other out-of-home venues are fully open?

​Why the big alcohol brands have the scale to grow even further when it comes to product innovation

​How do the pharmaceutical stocks in the BAD portfolio lend balance and diversification?

​What type of pharma company does the fund focus on?

​What has sparked some of the volatility in pharma stocks?

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