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Meteorologist Goes Viral After Sneaking Rap Lyrics Into Weather Forecast

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That’s one way to do the weather!

A viral clip of meteorologist Adam Kruger from Houston, Texas, has been making the rounds after he decided to infiltrate lyrics from rapper Eminem into a weather forecast on CW39 Houston.

The video, which has been viewed over 2.3 million times, shows Kruger speaking on-air about an arctic blast headed towards the southern city which he advises will give residents over 40 hours of below-freezing temperatures.

“You’re probably thinking, Oh, wait, no, wait, you’re kidding. He didn’t just say what I think he did. Did he,” Kruger jokes, referencing a verse from Eminem’s hit ’90s song The Real Slim Shady.”

@weatheradam Replying to @unclehomey Eminem lyrics in the weather? Challenge accepted! @eminem #eminem #slimshady #challenge #challengeaccepted #weather #weatherman #meteorology #meteorologist #greenscreen #funny #smooth #live #livetv #news #texas #houston #tx #takingrequests @CW39 Houston ♬ original sound – Adam Krueger

Viewers and rap fans alike loved the not-so-subtle reference, praising Kruger as a “legend” on his addition to the forecast.

“This gives me unreasonable amounts of joy,” one commenter exclaimed.

“More Eminem lyrics please,” another said. “This is amazing and I would watch the weather more if it was like this.”

A second video shows Kruger doubling down on the Slim Shady banter by putting in lyrics from the rapper’s hit “Without Me” into another broadcast.

@weatheradam Replying to @brittanipaquin @eminem “Without Me” in the weather? Challenge accepted! #eminem #withoutme #guesswhosback #weather #challenge #meteorologist #houston #texas #tx #smooth #funny #viral @cw39houston ♬ without me – -tpwk

Viewers asked Kruger if he really did in fact broadcast this on live television, which he confirmed and also shared that it could be live-streamed on the network’s website.

Kruger, who has been known to add flair to his broadcasts, told Newsweek that his TikTok antics have made a significant impact on viewership.

“I’ve had a lot of comments from people in the Houston area saying they are switching to our program in the morning to see what I do next,” he said to the outlet. “Many others online joke that they’re going to move to Houston just to watch me.”

He told one commenter that he’s yet to get in trouble for the pop culture references because he always keeps the broadcasts “weather-focused.”

Kruger currently has over 310,700 followers on TikTok.

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