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‘My Life is Amaze-os’: Jeff Bezos Musical Parody Has Internet in Hysterics

Jeff Bezos is often the butt of the joke in popular culture, from having a song named after him on comedian Bo Burnham’s Netflix special Bo Burnham: Inside, to being the subject of an SNL skit aptly titled “Billionaire Star Trek.”

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The latest show to poke fun at the Amazon founder is Jimmy Kimmel Live, whose titular host created a hysterical video promoting a fictional musical called Bezos Over Broadway.

The video, which debuted late Tuesday night, features Seinfeld favorite Jason Alexander, who portrays the billionaire and wears the infamous blue uniform and cowboy hat that Bezos donned when he went to space.

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“I’m Jeffrey Bezos and my life is Amaze-os,” Alexander begins as the preview for the fake musical begins to walk viewers through Bezos’ life, beginning with his “troubled childhood,” where Bezos experienced a shipping delay on his birthday present.

The musical then goes on to chronicle Amazon’s early beginnings, when Bezos decided to switch from selling books to household products because, as proclaimed in the musical, “Books can s*ck it.”

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The preview then riffs on the poor working conditions inside Amazon warehouses, making a direct reference to workers who complained that they were not even given adequate time to take a bathroom break while working.

Next we have a sad song sung by Alexander, in which he laments how many billions of dollars were lost in the “contentious divorce” between Bezos and former wife MacKenzie Scott, parodying “Seasons of Love” from hit Broadway musical Rent.

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Viewers are then delighted to see George Takei of Star Trek fame playing former co-star William Shatner, who recently went to space with Blue Origin, Bezos’ space company. The musical closes out with Bezos riding through space on his rocket.

The skit was a total hit on social media, where many Twitter users called the parody “hysterical” and admitted that they would definitely “go see this” if it existed in real life.

Though Kimmel’s preview might have been fake, it poked fun at many factual occurences in the life of Bezos, and if we’re being honest, we would 100% buy tickets to go see it.

Bezos himself has yet to weigh in on the skit.

As of early Wednesday afternoon, his estimated net worth was $192.6 billion. Amazon was up just over 9% year over year at the same time.

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