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Now Is the Time to Acquire Corporate Retreats

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When planning a corporate gathering, the venue itself is key to a successful event, whether this be for relaxing and recharging, team building, executive planning, or client entertainment. Global enterprises invest heavily in both time and money to find properties that provide complete privacy, reflect their company’s values, and feature appropriate amenities. Certainly, there are leasable premises that meet these requirements—hotels, resorts and conference centers, for example—but no matter how impressive they are, none can compete with a corporate retreat that is wholly owned by the company itself.

“A company-owned corporate retreat serves as an integral extension of the organization’s branding and strategy,” explains Sonja Cullaro, Executive Vice President, Christie’s International Real Estate, Northern New Jersey. “Not only does it provide the company with greater control over the experience itself, but it also reflects its ethos and culture in a way that no third-party venue could do. When companies invest in a corporate retreat, they can stamp their personal identity and core values on it.”

Adds Zackary Wright, Executive Director, Western and Asia Pacific regions, Christie’s International Real Estate, “Staying in a company-owned property delivers something intangible. I liken it to meeting people at your home rather than in your office. You show them a more personal side.”

Luxury Defined recently revisited the current corporate-retreat marketplace and has singled out six unique global properties that, in addition be being outstanding private residences, can serve in equal measure as an ideal gathering place for business enterprises. Following is a brief armchair tour, moving from west to east.

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