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NYC Influencer Divides Internet Over Luxurious Parisian Internship at Dior: ‘I Bet She Has Well Connected or Rich Parents’

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One NYC influencer is going viral for documenting a day in her life as an intern at Dior in Paris for the summer, truly living the wildest of “Emily In Paris” fantasies.

The clip, which has been viewed over 1.9 million times, shows Lara Cosima walking to the Dior office and showing viewers decadent jewelry that will be shown at the brand’s show in Italy.

@lara_cosima Day in the life as an intern at Dior as requested❤️ #fashion #paris #dayinmylife #dior #fashionschool ♬ sonido original – yo

Cosima, who boasts over 71,900 followers on the platform, then shows the unglamorous side of sewing lace “for like five hours” before deciding to let off some steam at the end of the day.

“After work, we had ice cream for dinner and then spontaneously decided to go club hopping,” she says cheerfully.

Many in the comment section expressed jealousy and admiration at her glamorous lifestyle, while others accused her of being privileged and out of touch.

“I bet she has well-connected or rich parents,” one person scoffed.

“You’re living my dream you know that!” another gushed.

Cosima also posted another video showing her enviable living quarters while in Paris for the summer, leading many to call her a “trust fund baby” while others said her lifestyle was “goals.”

@lara_cosima Starting the Dior internship Monday? #fashion #paris #parisapartment #gossipgirl #homeinspo ♬ You might as well be sad in Paris – Rawr

Cosima hasn’t specified whether or not the internship is paid or unpaid.

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