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OnlyFans Mom Sues School District After Being Banned From Volunteering At Her Childrens’ School

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Things are heating up in one Florida school district after a new lawsuit alleges that a mom was banned from volunteering opportunities at a school because she had an OnlyFans account.

Victoria Triece is suing the Orange County, Florida district for allegedly banning her from volunteer opportunities at her children’s school. She also alleges that staffers passed around explicit photos of her from the subscription-based website to administrators and staff within the school.

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“I don’t think any mom, any dad, anybody in the position that I’m in should be going through this,” Triece told local news outlet Fox 35 Orlando. “[To] be told what you do in your private life will affect you seeing your children in any realm at all. It’s just a, morally it’s just wrong.”

Triece is a mother of two children, both of which attend Sand Lake Elementary School in Orlando, Florida.

The 31-year-old said that she began creating adult content as another source of income without a typical 9-5 schedule so that, ironically, she would have more time to be involved in her child’s school life.

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The lawsuit alleges that in October 2021, she was told that she could no longer participate in Orange County Public School’s ADDition program (where she would help organize classroom parties and assist in lab assignments) after five years of working for the school. She claims she is now only permitted to participate in volunteering opportunities virtually.

“Many other parents of children in Orange County Schools are also participants in OnlyFans as well as other adult-oriented professions, such as topless dancing, adult-themed acting, online sexting, among others,” Triece’s lawyers said in a news release. “To paint Ms. Triece with the modern-day equivalent of a ‘Scarlet Letter’ has left Ms. Triece with no other option other than filing suit.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Triece is seeking justice for the “ridicule she has suffered and will suffer because of being banned for no reason other than offending the moral sensitivities of another for what she does privately.”

Orange County Public Schools has not made a statement due to their policy of not commenting on pending litigation.

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