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Pets of the famous fashion designers

famous pets designer

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Pets make our lives happier, and the favorites of great designers managed to influence the creativity of their owners and go down in history.

Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette

Perhaps the most famous animal in the world of fashion is a cute fluffy Burmese cat, owned by the great couturier. Like many legends, she came into Lagerfeld’s life quite by accident. In 2011, fashion model Baptiste Giabiconi was about to leave for the Christmas holidays, and left his pet with Carl.

Who knew that this is how the greatest “romance” in the life of a fashion designer would begin, and the returned Giabikoni would hear the categorical: “Sorry, but she’s mine.”

Romantic, right? But Lagerfeld later stated more than once that he would have married his adored Choupette, if such a thing had been possible in principle. Nothing reprehensible! Just an animal and a man found each other. 

Lagerfeld, as a man endowed with remarkable talent, knew how to turn everything he touched into gold. Naturally, a beloved cat could not just lie on the pillows. Very soon, her pretty muzzle became well-recognized in the fashion world, and Choupette had social media accounts with thousands of subscribers. Well, what can we say – everyone loves cats, and the cute creature sitting on the shoulder of Lagerfeld himself, even more so.

But Choupette would have remained just a gorgeous cat of a famous person if it had not had a huge impact on his work. So, in 2012, the fashion designer presented to the public a whole collection of clothes inspired by the eyes of his favorite. He even made her an editor in the Karl Daily newspaper.

Critics dubbed it “150 Shades of Blue” and those deep rich colors were truly beautiful. Lagerfeld created the collection for Chanel, and in combination with the classic lines of the legendary fashion house, Choupette’s eyes gave an unforgettable effect.

In 2013, a collection of stylish accessories named after Choupette appeared. Bags, scarves, gloves, iPhone cases, hats – all in black and white and shaped like a cat’s head with ears.

Two years later, another cat collection – Choupette in Love. Accessories were decorated not only by Lagerfeld’s favorite but also by her “boyfriend” Bad Boy. “Zest” is a stylish bag with applique in the form of figurines of the couturier himself and his adored Choupette.

Prints, patterns, and cat embroideries appeared on many things in other collections of the fashion designer. Knitwear with a cat theme looks especially cute and attractive. Pretty bags, shoes, and jewelry with Swarovski crystals. And fans of Lagerfeld and his pets were also happy to purchase a soft toy – a plush copy of a cat.

After the death of the great couturier, a limited collection was created, which included T-shirts, mugs, and iPhone cases with the image of Choupette in a mourning veil, glasses, and a tie, which were an integral part of the image of her legendary owner.

By the way, the once modest Burmese cat inherited all of Lagerfeld’s fortune, so although she yearns for him, she continues to live in comfort and knows no refusal in anything. Surely he loved and cared for his pet, and it is a great example of the love that should be devoted to these animals.

Marc Jacobs and Neville

Someone considers bull terriers dangerous because of their unusual and threatening appearance, but not Marc Jacobs. He already knows that behind the brutal appearance lies a quiet disposition, cheerfulness, and a sea of love for the main person in the life of a dog.

However, Neville easily finds a common language with anyone. With a such owner who takes his pet with him to work and to fashion shows, there is no other way. Neville roams freely around the fashion designer’s office. Just imagine how many sweets he gets from employees!

But the handsome bull terrier cannot be called a freeloader in any way. He is actively working – not only inspires his owner for creativity but also participates in advertising campaigns with might and main.

The promotion of Bookmarc bookstores turned out to be especially chic. Looking at Neville, who put on his glasses and seriously leafed through the album, it is impossible not to feel the desire to read. However, no less extravagantly, the dog advertises both human clothes and accessories for dogs.

And Marc Jacobs has released a whole book in which the best photos of his pet are collected on 300 pages. They are so creative that it is much more interesting to look at them than Kim Kardashian’s selfie edition! A true star dog.

Donatella Versace and Audrey

We can’t speak for everyone, but for us, the mistress of the Versace empire is in no way associated with the Jack Russell Terrier. But a pet of such a breed lives with her. Her name is Audrey, and she appeared in Donatella’s house also in an unusual way.

Perhaps fate specifically found just such an option for combining the chic sophisticated Donatella with the restless fidget and the eternal “energizer” Audrey.

The Jack Russell Terrier puppy was a birthday present for Allegra, Donatella’s daughter. And a gift, which she did not particularly dream of. Therefore, she did not pay due attention to the dog, and after that, she left to study, and Audrey stayed with Donatella.

They quickly found a common language, and soon the whole world got acquainted with a cute, direct dog. The fact is that Madame Versace most often takes her pet with her to social events and receptions. And Audrey doesn’t particularly mind. She loves the attention and the abundance of people, and people love her.

In the wake of this success, Donatella created a capsule collection named after her dog, The Audrey. It contains original T-shirts for men and women, decorated with Swarovski crystals and, of course, images of the main character. There are also bags, backpacks, wallets, and key chains. The collection also has an incredibly cute lookbook. It contains photos of Audrey, who goes on a trip, checks in at the airport, and leaves the bathroom in a hotel with a towel on her head. In general, everything is like with people and even cooler!

Stefano Gabbana and dogs and cats

The famous designer in terms of the number of pets does not waste time on trifles. But each of them in the Gabbana family is surrounded by love and attention. And these are three Labradors: Toto, Rosa, and Mimmo. And also gorgeous Bengal cats: Mia, Tua, Zambia, and Congo. While dogs accompany the owner everywhere, including on walks on a yacht, the cat family prefers to bask on pillows at home.

Pets of Gabbana simply could not help but light up in the work of their eminent owner. Both Labradors and cats in the form of prints are present in the children’s collections of clothes and accessories from Dolce & Gabbana.

If you do not have pets yet, we advise you to follow in the footsteps of famous designers and get yourself a cute pet. As you can see, they have an extremely positive effect on the owners, inspire and contribute to their prosperity. So if you ever wondered what sphynx cats colors there are, that can be the right time to find out it in the practice.

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