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Purple Cherry Architects: Combining Romance, Passion, and Vision

Purple Cherry Architects 7 Condit EXT15273A

What would be your dream commission?
One would be a mountaintop home in Montana with 360-degree views. It would either be a rustic yet elegant log cabin or a contemporary house utilizing wood and glass. Another would be in Martha’s Vineyard incorporating classic coastal details and with extensive millwork. The last would be reflective of Japanese architecture—a minimalist structure that engages with the natural elements, creates a sense of calmness, and embraces the principles of feng shui and wabi-sabi [highlighting the beauty of imperfection].

I love old-worldliness: decaying plaster walls, exposed wood beams, a sense of history. I also love clean, modern spaces with natural textured walls. Work that feels reflective. My dream commission is one whose architecture does nothing but enhance the nature that surrounds it.

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