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RELENTLESS – Best Motivational Speech


They say an alligator is so ferocious it’d kill a lion. But I can kill an alligator with my bare hands. How? You kill it right after it eats. ‘Cause right after it eats it gets satisfied and it goes to a state like it’s almost paralyzed.

Some of you in this room, are you paralyzed? You had a little success? You’ve done what no one else in your family has done and now you chilling? Come on, you ain’t hungry no more? I need you to stay focused, why? You should still be hungry.

What have you eaten that’s gotten you satisfied? What have you done? What have you accomplished that’s got you so full? It is never finished. You always have more to do. Another mission, another task, another goal.

So don’t be finished. Be starting. Be alert. Be ready. Be attacking. Be relentless. Let the enemy stop, let the enemy rest, let the enemy finish. You? Don’t finish. Don’t stop. Don’t rest.

Not until the enemy is completely destroyed. I got to stay hungry. I try to keep it humble. I walk around, I don’t even want people to know who I am. Why? ‘Cause I still wanna have that dawg. I still need to stay hungry.

And when you got pride, it gets in the way of you being hungry. And you need that hunger. But y’all ain’t got no doggone motor, you get tired quick. You do a couple hours, you tired. Man, you gotta have that dawg.

You gotta take that personal. Every single year your appetite should go up. You should never get settled. You should never get content. Every single year. I wanna be successful. I wanna execute. I wanna make all my dreams become a reality.

So my appetite increases, it gets stronger every year, I want more, I wanna do more, I wanna help more every year, I wanna be bolder, I wanna be better, I wanna be stronger every single year. All men are created equal.

Some work harder. Some get up at 2:30 in the morning. Some of us just grind. Some of us don’t make excuses. Some of us don’t surrender or some of us don’t give up and give in. What we do with the pressure is we say, I gotta take it, and I gotta take it to another level.

True champions get hungrier every time they win. They don’t reach a peak. They don’t reach a pinnacle. Winners dominate losers. Legends dominate winners. And your mentality on this earth should be that you want to dominate winners.

Legends feel fulfilled and happy because they do what they have to do to be the best there ever was at whatever it is that you do. Just winning is not enough. You’re not maximizing your potential.

You’re not becoming who the f*ck you could become. But dominating people who are winning? That’s something that’ll leave you a f*cking legacy.

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