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Rivea, For A 2022 Eco-Responsible Summer

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Rivea designs and manufactures eco-friendly swimwear in Europe, using a fabric woven from plastic debris recovered from the seas and oceans and buttons made from ocean plastic granules designed by a jewellery artist in Geneva. Impeccably cut and iconic patterns, Rivea swim shorts capture the picture-postcard Riviera, where the living is easy and days spent poolside come with nonchalant elegance. At LuxuryActivist, we spoke about this fantastic brand one year ago. You can read our full article here:
Rivea, Eco-Responsible Swimsuits Inspired by the Riviera – Must-Have!

The elegant and glamorous swimsuit Swiss brand launched a new exciting collection for this summer. Timeless, chic and beautifully understated, the Riviera Icone collection offers a modern take on tradition, whose slim fit and iconic prints seamlessly blend classic notes with a touch of contemporary elegance.

2022 Rivea Novelties, beautiful as always

Every item of Rivea swimwear represents ten plastic bottles removed from the sea and beaches of the Mediterranean and then recycled. More than that, these swim shorts conjure up the legendary lifestyle of Saint-Tropez in the ‘50s – freedom and uncomplicated living by the sea. Inspired by pastel shades and iconic stripes, our classic, timelessly elegant Saint-Tropez swim shorts are the epitome of French chic.

– Iconic prints inspired by the Riviera
– Slim fit
– Mid-thigh length
– Seaqual recycled fibre
– Two side pockets
– Back pocket with a button made of rPET
– Elasticated waist
– Quick-dry fabric

All Rivea swim shorts come with a waterproof TPU pouch. One Swiss Franc will be donated to support the work of Oceaneye.

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With the new collection, Rivea explores the endless glamourous universe of the riviera. When we think riviera, we are immediately sent back to the elegant ambience of the end of the 1960s, where men and women would enjoy a stylish experience under the sun. We all have Alain Delon films like “La Piscine” or “Plein Soleil”, which evoke this beautiful lifestyle. Here is an example of a swimsuit called ANTIBES.

“Pour sûr qu’elle était d’Antibes
C’est plus près que les Caraïbes
C’est plus près que Caracas
Est-ce plus loin que Pézenas ?
Je ne sais pas.”


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The riviera ambience conjures up images of sun-drenched beaches where life is simple and carefree.
Everyone loves to vacation in the shade of pine trees and striped parasols, as shown in Stuart Cantor’s and Slim Aarons’ photographs. We also think about Alain Delon, languidly lying by the pool in “The Swimming Pool” or briskly doing something on a boat deck in “Purple Noon” — flawless, careless, and exquisite. In such troubled times, we need more lightness and recklessness. The Riviera is an ideal theme, a genuine invitation to a joyful and elegant journey. We all dream of vacations, wide-open spaces, sunshine and casualness. A holiday in the sun does not necessarily mean you want to neglect your look. Very often, the opposite happens. We’re hungry for luxury and style, even at 35 degrees.

The Rivea x Bouteiller Collection

To always associate art and innovation, Rivea asked the French artist Cédric Bouteiller to participate in the Rivea project by proposing three pieces of art for three swim shorts. The artist is known and recognized for his photography, street art and abstract art technique, thus mixing traditional and more contemporary designs. Using three of his works on our swimwear, we wanted to create an aesthetic shock and make a swim short an actual signed work of art, abandoning everything that has been done ordinarily.

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“Transfiguration of reality, transfiguration of the imagination… pop culture animates this swim short and delivers a multitude of faces, a multitude of messages…”


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As Rivea explains, their mainstream idea is about “elegance by the water”. Here is what they say on their website: The sun beats down from an azure sky, sharply silhouetting people busying themselves on the burning sand, lazing in the shade of their parasols, or simply drifting off to sleep, lulled by the sound of crystal-clear waves lapping against painted wooden hulls. In the distance, we can hear a couple riding off on their Vespa along a little cobbled street, the wind in their hair. A beach in the south of France? Somewhere on the coast of Italy? The shores of a Swiss lake, perhaps? The story doesn’t say. But Rivea is all that and more – a Swiss brand making timeless swimwear, inspired by la dolce vita and the legendary Riviera. Rivea is an ethical, eco-friendly brand offering a collection designed and manufactured in Europe. The iconic prints and impeccable cut capture the picture-postcard holiday, where the living is easy and days spent by the water come with nonchalant elegance.

Do not hesitate to visit the brand website and/or to follow Rivea’s Instagram account:

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