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Roman Roy’s ‘Succession’ T-Shirt Is a $7 Boys Shirt From Walmart — And Now It’s Sold Out

The series finale of HBO’s “Succession” hit viewers hard as underdog Tom Wambsgans became CEO of the Waystar Royco empire, shocking (and delighting) some fans.

But one surprising scene stealer was the outfit worn by troubled middle sibling Roman Roy (played by actor Kieran Culkin), who donned a simple T-shirt with tri-colored stripes on the sleeves in one of the show’s pivotal final scenes. Eagle-eyed fans quickly identified the top — as a kid’s shirt from Walmart costing a mere $7.

The top was identified by the Instagram account @SuccessionFashion where it began to go viral.

The discovery created quite the buzz online, as it stood in stark difference to the character’s usual attire of suits and button-downs.

The shirt itself comes in a pack of two for $13.96 on the retailer’s website by the brand Wonder Nation which makes clothes for toddlers and young children.

“This t-shirt made him look like a child and I know that was the intent,” one user commented.

In the scene, Roman is hiding out at his mother’s house. Culkin is 40 years old.

The shirt is no longer listed on Walmart’s website and has reportedly been completely sold out, per a screenshot obtained by CBS News.

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Roman’s T-Shirt from Walmart via CBS News

Walmart did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment about the shirt.

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