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Shine Bright: Introducing the 1,080 carat Type IIA diamond


Lucara Diamond Corp. is thrilled to announce an exciting discovery at its 100% owned Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana – a magnificent 1,080.1-carat diamond! This extraordinary gem, measuring an impressive 82.2 x 42.8 x 34.2mm, is a Type IIa top white gem of the highest quality. It was recovered from the Coarse XRT unit at Karowe by directly milling ore sourced from the M/PK(S) unit of the South Lobe.

Notably, this remarkable find marks the fourth time Lucara has unearthed a +1,000-carat diamond from the South Lobe of the AK6 kimberlite since 2015. Its predecessors, the 1,758-carat Sewelô (2019), a 1,174-carat diamond (2021), and the 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona (2015), have all contributed to Lucara’s reputation for excellence in the realm of exceptional diamond recoveries.

Eira Thomas, CEO of Lucara, expressed her delight, stating, “We are extremely thrilled to share news of yet another remarkable discovery – a large, top-quality gem diamond exceeding 1,000 carats in size. This marks our fourth diamond of this caliber since 2015. As we delve deeper into the open pit and progress towards exclusive underground mining in the South Lobe, we are witnessing a surge in the frequency of these large, high-value stones. This aligns perfectly with our resource model and strengthens the economic rationale for investing in the Underground expansion, ensuring the mine’s longevity until at least 2040.”

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