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‘Shoot Them’: Disgruntled Customers Attack Chipotle Workers Who Won’t Give Them Extra Cheese

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The guacamole might infamously cost extra, but a debacle broke out at a Chipotle in Columbus, Ohio, last week when disgruntled customers shot at employees who refused to give them extra cheese.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers released information about a March 28th incident where two customers cornered a Chipotle employee and ripped off her hat, causing other employees to come to her aid.

The report states that one of the customers then pulled out a gun while the other screamed “shoot them” as witnesses heard a shot misfire.

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The incident in Chipotle is just one of several recent violent incidents that have occurred in fast food and fast casual restaurants around the world as the pandemic wanes down and most restaurants reopen, business as usual.

Earlier this year, an Australian woman jumped the counter in a McDonald’s while trying to steal food and cook herself a burger in a since-viral TikTok that lead to her arrest.

“I’ll beat you up,” she yelled at the workers who were in tears of fear over the incident.

Chipotle did not publicly comment on the March 28 incident.

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