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Skims Is Now Worth $4 Billion, But for One Customer It’s Priceless After the ‘Body Armor’ Saved Her Life

Kim Kardashian‘s Skims may be worth billions, but for one customer, it’s worth much more.

Just as Skims announced its $4 billion evaluation on Wednesday (after raising $270 million in new funding, per The New York Times), social media user Angelina Wiley took to TikTok to praise the company — and claimed the shapewear brand helped save her life.

Wiley, 22, from Kansas City, Missouri, was wearing a Skims bodysuit when she was shot four times while waiting for her Lyft on New Year’s Eve, she explained in a TikTok video. Although she suffered a ruptured bladder, cracked pelvis, and a bullet is still lodged in her abdomen, according to her GoFundMe, Wiley claims her Skims were so tight it kept her from bleeding out. The video has been viewed 1.5 million times.

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“I recommend it. I’m definitely gonna buy some more. I mean, I should wear it every day. It’s like body armor for women,” Wiley said on TikTok, claiming Kardashian saved her life. “Call it fate or Jesus, but Imma call it Kim.”

After the incident, Wiley said Skims gave her a full refund for her shot-damaged bodysuit and a discount in a follow-up video.

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Wiley has been on her way to recovery since the shooting. There are no reports on whether a suspect was found and charged concerning the incident.

According to The New York Times, Skims plans to open physical stores in New York and Los Angeles in 2023 and is on track to make $750 million this year. In the report, some experts predicted that the company will go public one day.

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